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If anyone who has a web site or blog and is willing to write a review of Dingles Games (Good or Bad), I’m willing to give away a 1 years free membership to all reviewers (offer ends End of December 2009).
Contact me at if you’re interested.


  1. admin says:

    Thanks to Josha
    Read a review at

    (I think it’s a a bit hard on the price score though as the NPC/Monster/Treasure generators are still free 😉 )

  2. josha says:

    Hi paul, thanks for the account.
    I have a few suggestions to make your site better.

    1: you should have a pathfinder option, i dm a pathfinder game and i keep having to convert

    2: prestige classes would be nice

    3: it’s kind of annoying how you have to enter the number of hit dice when you add the fiendish or celestial template

  3. admin says:

    Hi Josha,
    I’m planning on a pathfinder option, I think I can do the basic monsters reasonably easy (just changing a few skills around). Not to sure about the PC levels at present.
    What do you do to convert the monsters? This could help me create a quick pathfinder option.
    I’ll give some thought about the templates

  4. admin says:

    Updated the generators so level restrictions apply automatically to specials, I’ve updated the celestrial and fiendish templates. Will be updating monsters and other templates soon.

  5. admin says:

    Just found out that the fienish, celestrial and half fiend templates worked fine. BUT all the other monsters specials were not showing, so for the last 7 hours the generator was a bit broken…fixed now though (I hope).
    sorry for the inconvenience,

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"I'm a lifetime player of D&D and really enjoy Pathfinder but I also enjoy playing new games. At the moment I'm playing the 6d6 RPG.

It is one of the most innovative and exciting RPGs in a long time. The 6d6 RPG has a unique set of mechanics that is great for role-playing and brings a dynamic feel to combat. Fights are not static slugging matches but flow around the battlefield in a realistic fashion.

The 6d6 RPG is one of the best games I've ever played and I heartily recommend it to all."

Paul Singleton

Dingle's Games

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