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Paying by Paypal

There is a problem with PayPal on the site. The code I was using is now outdated. I am in the proceses of upgrading the site but It’s not ready yet.

In the meantime you can still get membership by sending  me the money  via PayPal “pay for goods and services” to  Then let me know what logon your using and I’ll  set you up manually


The Costs are:
$40 for a lifetime membership,
$25 for a yearly membership,
$15 for a 6 monthly membership,
$15 for a 30 seperate days membership.

  1. admin says:

    $40 is fine, it gives me some foreign currency for when the pound crashes when we leave the EU.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the membership, I’ve set you up.

  3. garbosh says:

    Hi, i did send you 15 USD about 2 hours ago and and an email with my login from

    Then i got an email from you, asking for my login. I replied again from

    Maybe is blocked on your side?

  4. admin says:

    It just took a while to come through. I’ve set you up now

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It is one of the most innovative and exciting RPGs in a long time. The 6d6 RPG has a unique set of mechanics that is great for role-playing and brings a dynamic feel to combat. Fights are not static slugging matches but flow around the battlefield in a realistic fashion.

The 6d6 RPG is one of the best games I've ever played and I heartily recommend it to all."

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