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  1. admin says:

    Hi rsbrzoska, I’ve added it to the 3.5 generator now. About 40% of users still seem to use the 3.5 generator. I don’t do much work on it as I’m only allowed to add the core books.

  2. verger7 says:

    Hello Admin.
    Could you add the Gibbering Mouther to the 3.5 generator?
    By the way I love your site. Great work. It makes being a DM a lot easier.

  3. admin says:

    Hi verger7, I’ve added the Gibbering Mouther to the 3.5 generator

  4. Cavscout1976 says:

    How do I add multiple special abilities to an item

  5. admin says:

    You can only add 1 special ability to a weapon or armor, any more you can add a note to the Description/notes section

  6. Cavscout1976 says:

    Hi admin, when generating a creature who has the ability to cast spells do they just go in the notes because the ones I need are not in the drop down menus.

  7. Cavscout1976 says:

    Love the site btw

  8. admin says:

    Hi Cavscout1976, are you using monster create to create a new monster? If so you can eiter give a monster spell casting levels by sellecting a class in special attacks (e.g. wizard) and type the level in the value section. If you want to give the monster special abilities then sellect “Spell like abilities (CHR) ” selecting the line for the level of the spell ability. Then in the value section type in the frequency and spell name (e.g. 3 x per day Magic Missile)

  9. Cavscout1976 says:

    Yes, i’m making a nymph.So i choose druid in special attacks and type the spell level only or the level and name in the value section. Then I do that for all her daily spells individually?

  10. admin says:

    If you want to change the spells in the generator type Druid in the special attacks and the Caster level in the in the value section. If you want to list the spells select spell-like abbilities (WIS) 1st and then type the 1st level spells if the value section, repeat for all spell levels. This will calculate the save for each spell (WIS being the prime stat for a druid).

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