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What’s New, Requests and To Do List

List of New Additions to the Generators

26/04/14 Pathfinder Mythic Templates – Agile, Arcane, Divine, Invincible, Savage
28/04/14 Pathfinder Monster Creator – Added Dodge bonus to AC
29/04/14 Plain Text Version negative to hit does not appear as +- any more just –
08/04/14 Pathfinder NPC Generator fixed problem with attribute bonuses not being recalculated for buffs
19/05/14 Added Druid Archetypes – Green Faith Initiate, Menhir Savant, Mooncaller, Pack Lord, Reincarnated Druid and Storm Druid
20/05/14 Added Druid domains (for when druid has no animal companion)
Upgraded the Pathfinder RPG Encounter Generator to include monster name and template.
21/05/14 – 23/05/14 Added Druid Archetypes Survivor, World walker, Aquatic Druid, Arctic Druid, and Blight Druid
24/05/14 Added Dwarven Defender to the D&D 3.5 NPC Generator
28/05/14 Added Druid Archetypes Cave Druid, Desert Druid, Jungle Druid, Mountain Druid, Plains Druid, Swamp Druid, Tempest Druid, Urban Druid.
04/06/14 Split Pathfinder Spells out of D&D 3.5 selection lists
09/06/14 Added Druid Archetypes Ape Shaman, Bat Shaman, Bear Shaman, Boar Shaman, Dragon Shaman, Eagle Shaman, Lion Shaman, Saurian Shaman, Serpent Shaman, Shark Shaman, Wolf Shaman
18/07/14 Implemented 30 day membership
19/07/2014 Added Monk Archetypes Hamatulatsu Master, Hungry Ghost Monk, Ki Mystic and Maneuver Master.
20/07/2014 Added Monk Archetype Martial Artist
29/07/2014 Added Monk Archetypes Master of Many Styles and Monk of the Empty Hand

Dec 2014 I have been busy adding the Hybrid classes. So far I’ve added:

Arcanist, Bloodrager, Brawler, Hunter, Investigator, Skald and Slayer. Only Shaman, Swashbuckler and Warpriest to go.

July 2015 Added Mythic feats.

Pathfinder New Monsters

Wk 21/04/14
Giant Ash, Giant Desert, Giant Jungle, Girtablilu, Globster, Goblin Snake. Golem, Bone, Golem, Brass, Golem, Cannon
Golem, Fossil, Gorynych, Graveknight, Graven Guardian, Gremlin, Fuath, Grodair, Grootslang, Guecubu, Hellwasp Swarm,
Herd Animal, Antelope, Herd Animal, Elk, Hodag, Hollow Serpent, Huecuva, Humbaba, Hungry Fog, Iku-turso, Jackalwere,
Death’s Head Jellyfish, Sapphire Jellyfish, Jorogumo, Jubjub Bird, Kamadan, Kami Jinushigami, Kami Kodama
Kami Shikigami, Kami Toshigami, Kami Zuishin, Kappa, Kech, Kirin, Kongamato, Kyton Augur, Kyton Eremite,
Kyton Interlocutor, Leshy Fungus, Leshy Gourd
Leshy Leaf, Leshy Seaweed, Linnorm Cairn, Linnorm Fjord, Linnorm Taiga, Linnorm Tor, Lizard Giant Gecko,
Lizard Giant Chameleon, Lukwata.
Maftet, Magmin, Manananggal, Marsupial Kangaroo, Marsupial Thylacine, Megafauna Archelon, Megafauna Baluchitherium, Megafauna Basilosaurus, Megafauna Megalania, Mobogo, Moon-beast
Myceloid, Naga Lunar, Naga Royal, Nephilim, Nixie, Norn, Nuckelavee
Nue, Oni Fire Yai, Oni Ice Yai, Oni Kuwa
11/05/2013 – 15/05/2014
Spirit Oni, Oni Void Yai, Oni Water Yai, Pale Stranger, Parasite Rot Grub Swarm, Parasite Giant Rot Grub, Peri, Phantom Fungus, Plasma Ooze, Popobala, Porcupine, Giant, Pukwudgie, Rakshasa Dandasuka, Rakshasa Maharaja, Rakshasa, Marai, Rakshasa Raktavarna, Rakshasa Tataka, Ratfolk, Rusalka, Sagari, Sargassum Fiend, Sasquatch, Scorpion Deadfall, Scorpion Ghost, Sea Anemone Giant, Sea Bonze, Sea Serpent Deep, Shae, Shinigami, Simurgh, Siyokoy, Skunk, Skunk Giant, Sleipnir, Snake Swarm, Snake Swarm Venomous, Spider Ogre, Sprite, Stymphalidies, Suli, Tanuki, Taotieh, Tatzlwyrm, Terra-cotta Soldier, Thriae Queen, Thriae Seer, Thriae Soldier, Titan Hekatonkheires, Tojanida, Tophet, Troll Jotund, Troll Moss, Trollhound, Tupilaq, Tzitzimitl, Valkyrie, Vanara, Vodyanoi, Voonith, Vulture, Giant Vulture, Wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing, Yithian, Yuki-onna, Zoog, Zuvembie.

Work / to do list

Add all Pathfinder MM3
Add Epic Dragons in D&D 3.5
Add Pathfinder Ultimate Magic Archetypes and Witch Patrons
Create a PC generator for Pathfinder RPG

  1. Medic712 says:

    1st – I was curious if you were planning on putting the Traits for Pathfinder up.

    2nd – I was wondering if you would be able to add the ability to give NPCs extra feats. My games run with a few homebrew rules and my PCs start with an extra feat as do all my NPCs and Monsters.
    I notices that I can add extra skills, Stat increases, attacks etc. but not feats or extra spells for customization.

    Thank you for even reading this post.


  2. Mustaviini says:

    Hey! Great System you have here. I´d like you to implement some Barbarian archetypes here and more Fighter Archetypes. One very usual Archetype would be Two-handed Fighter.

    Also I think your damage caculator does not consider two-handed weapon damage bonus yet at least on pathfinder. I´d love if you work on that too.

    Thank you for the awesome system and keep making it even better!!

  3. admin says:

    Hi Mustaviini, I will be putting in the Barbarian archetypes soon. Thr two handed weapon damage should work. Make sure you have no shield or off hand attack.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Medic712, I wasn’t planning of adding traits as a priority. Adding extra feats could be difficult as there is quite a bit af calculating how many feats are due the NPC.

  5. thebigvalentino says:

    Fantastically handy program. I really appreciate you taking the time to put this together. I was wondering if you’d had thoughts about adding a class or race creator, like your monster creator? It would be rather handy for people like myself who use homebrew or 3rd party classes and races.


  6. admin says:

    Hi thebigvalentino, You can create races in the monster creator. Set the template to zero level and set the average stats to 11 and bonus is the difference from 11 so 13 str would give +2 str and 9 int would give -2 str.
    Adding a class generator is a lot more complex as quite a lot of new classes require changes to the generator.

  7. StephenE says:

    I was making a Half-Celestial Advanced Roc and I noticed a few problems.
    The CR was +3 above the standard Roc. Half Celestial 11+ HD is +3 CR and Advanced is +1.
    The CR given was 12 instead of the 13 it should’ve been.
    Half-Celestial gives Spell Resistance 11 + CR.
    Spell Resistance wasn’t given at all.

    AC – In the monster building screen it gave the NAC as 27 instead of 17. It got the total AC figures correct and it gave the details in the text versions of the character correctly but it was a bit confusing when I was making the monster.


  8. StephenE says:

    Could Dread Zombie be added as well please

  9. admin says:

    Hi StephenE
    I’ve added the Dread Zombie

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