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Creating Your Own Monsters

I’ve just added a new tool, the Monster Creator. This will allow you to add in your own monsters to the D&D 3.5 monster generator and the 3.5 NPC Generator.
Adding in a monster is quite easy just type the monster as shown in the monster manual. The only differences are that:
1. The Hit dice field should not contain any bonus hit points (e.g. from Con).
2. Weapon damage from manufactured weapons does not need to be added as they will be automatically calculated.
3. The saving throws will need to be entered as either “Good” or “Bad” saves (the generator will then work out the correct save).
4. If a special attack or special quality is not on the list then you can use the default “other”.
5. If you are creating a zero level monster e.g. goblin then set hit dice to 0dx (e.g. 0d8) and set the template field to Zero Level.
6. If you are creating a template, the basic stats should be set to 11 as a default. Any bonus applicable should be added to 11, e.g. if the template has +2 Str set the Str to 13. If a template has a stat that should be zero set that stat to “0”.
Also set the Template field to “Template”.
7. If you are creating a monster that can have character levels set the template to “Char Levels”.
8. I’ve Removed the base attack field as this is calculated by the generator.
If you have any problems please contact me.
This tool is only available to those people that have created an account, it will be free to use for the next week or so then will become chargeable for.

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  1. zap284 says:

    awesome! i know you couldnt add monsters from some of the monster books because of legal stuff, but this is a great solution

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Zap284,
    As the monsters created are only useable to the person who created them it does get around legal issues.

  3. admin says:

    I’ve fixed a bug in the monster Creator (Add) where it was not adding in the secondary attacks. I’ve also removed the Base Attack Field as this is automatically calculated by the generator.

  4. admin says:

    I’m going on holiday for a week, when I come back I will be making the Monster Creator Tools only available to the Payed Memberships. So if you want to try it out for free and create your own monsters, I would do it while it’s still free. Monster created will still be usable but you will not be able to edit them or add in any more without a 1 year or lifetime membership.

  5. antilles107 says:

    I seem to be doing something wrong such that templates I’ve created with Monster Creator don’t seem to add their special abilities or racial abilities to monsters/characters when I go back and apply them through Monster Generator. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. (And thank you for fixing my registration mix up!)

  6. admin says:

    Hi antilles,
    Nothing you were doing wrong, you found a bug, should be sorted now. Thanks for reporting it.

  7. admin says:

    If a monster can naturally cast Spells at a certain level, you can set this up in the Special Attacks column. e.g if it had 7 levels of sorcerer
    set Special attack = Sorcerer
    Value = 7

  8. Aleslosh says:

    I have attempted to create a new monster but dont have access. Is something wrong with my account? It only shows me as “Registered”

  9. admin says:

    Hi Aleslosh,
    You should have been sent an E-mail from dinglesgames. If you click the link on the email and then login as Aleslosh your account will be activated, the membership will change to lifetime member.
    Any problems and I’ll activate you manualy, you can contact me at
    PS thanks for the membership

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