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Psionics 3.5 Release

I have just released the Psion and the Psionic Warrior classes in to the 3.5 NPC Generator.
All the powers and feats have now been added.
If you have any problems or suggestions let me know


  1. admin says:

    Hi gwokurka,
    I’ve had a look at Psionics now and it looks very similar to 3.5 so I’ll start work on the Psion and Psychic Warrior classes.

  2. admin says:

    Hi gwokurka,
    I was thinking of creating a pathfinder PC Generator.
    I haven’t had a look at Psionics Unleashed yet so don’t know how much work it would take.

  3. gwokurka says:

    Are also going to do the Psionics for Pathfinder (Psionics Unleashed)?

  4. poisonbladed says:

    Nice its looking fine so far, but I have only generated two characters.

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