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How to create a simple NPC

This is a walk through showing the steps to create a simple NPC, for this example  a 4th level Orc Warrior using the D&D 3.5 generator.

1. First choose a Monster type from the Generator drop down menu e.g. “Orc”.

2. Select a class from the drop down list, as we are creating a simple NPC select “Warrior” class, this will now show a skill focus.

3. Select a Skill Focus, this is a drop down menu so you can select a different warrior type. The skill focus is used by the generator to decide the weighting of the NPC attributes, and the skill set. E.g. Heavy Foot would concentrate the attributes on Strength and Constitution and skills like intimidate, while the horse rider would concentrate on Strength and Dexterity with skills of ride and handle animal. Let’s select “Heavy foot soldier”, the next thing is to select a level, for this example we’ll select “4”.

4. There is only one more option for the simple NPC, whether to make this warrior elite or not. The Initial Stats values at the bottom of the Generator page allows you to select an Elite (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 ) stat range. This is only relevant for NPC classes (Warrior, Expert, Adept) or monsters selected with no class. PC classes (Fighter, Rogue, etc.) always use the Elite array. For this example we will not use the Elite stat array.

5. Now press the Generate Monster Button. This will now display a default 4th level Orc Warrior. Looking at the displayed warrior we see he has default orc armour of studded leather, and is armed with a Falchion.

6. Change the armour and shield if required. As our Orc Warrior is 4th level and a Heavy Foot lets give him some better armour. On the right side on the page is a drop down list for armour type here select “Half-Plate” and we’ll also give him a “Shield, heavy steel” from the Shield drop down list.

7. Change Weapons if required. We could if we wanted to, also change his weapons Primary, Off hand and Ranged, but for this walk through we’ll leave them.

8. Press the Recalculate button, this will recalculate the NPC figures for you, doing this now you will see that the AC has now changed and the weapon damage bonus for the weapon (It’s not held in both hands now so the STR bonus is not multiplied by 1.5).

9. Add in new Feats. You will see an error message after the list of feats saying, ” feats have not been allocated”. You can select feats from the drop down menus. If you are not sure what a particular feat does you can use the “Feat Help” to get the Feat description, and any prerequisites. Select the Power Attack and Weapon Focus Feats. Pressing the Recalculate button will again update the NPC’s figures and vet your feats selection.

10. Select any magic items if required. You can now add magic items to the NPC they are all on drop down lists. There is a Maximum gp and Total spent calculation displayed on top of the magic item lists. As our 4th level warrior is only CR 2 he has a maximum of 2000gp to spend so I’ll equip him with Masterwork Weapon (300pg) a +1 Shield (1000pg) and 2 potions of Cure Moderate wounds (2 * 300gp) giving a total of 1900gp. Pressing recalculate will add in the magical bonuses to the NPC. In this case +1 to hit with the Primary Weapon and +1 AC.

11. If your happy with the results now press the “Plain Text Version” to display the NPC in Print format text which you can now copy and paste to your word processor.

Name Example of 4th level Orc Warrior
Orc CR 2
XP 600
Chaotic Evil Medium Humanoid
Warrior level 4 (skill points 7) Heavy foot soldier
Init 0; Senses Darkvision 60; Listen -1.5; Spot -2


AC 20, Touch 10, flat footed 20 (+0 Half-plate, +1 Shield, heavy steel)
( +7 armor, +3 shield)
hp 22 (0d8+4d8+4);
Fort +5, Ref +1, Will -1
Sensitivity to Light dazzled in bright sunlight


Speed 20
Single Attack(+1/+0) Falchion +10 (2d4+4/18-20)
or Javelin +4 (1d6+4)
Full Attack
(+1/+0) Falchion +10 (2d4+4/18-20)
or Javelin +4 (1d6+4) range 30
Space 5ft.; Reach 5ft.
Special Attacks


Str 18, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 9, Wis 7, Chr 6
Base Attack 4 Grapple 8
Armour Prof Heavy,
Armour Prof Light,
Armour Prof Medium,
Martial Weap Prof,
Power Attack: Subtract from to hit add to damage,
Shield Proficiency: Can use shields,
Simple Weapon Proficiency,
Tower Shield Proficiency: Can use the tower shield and suffer only normal shield skill penalties,
Weapon Focus: +1 to attack rolls
Skills Climb -2, Intimidate -2, Jump -2, Listen -1.5, Search -1, Spot -2, Swim -14
Languages Common, Orc


Environment Temperate hills
Organization Squad 11-20, Gang 2-4, Band 30-100
Treasure Standard

MAGIC ITEMS (max value 2000)

Potion of Cure moderate wounds – (300gp)
Potion of Cure moderate wounds – (300gp)
+1 Shield, heavy steel (1000gp)
Masterwork Falchion (300gp)

Total Value = 1900

  1. admin says:

    Hi rpgamer71, buff spells don’t have to be cast by that particular NPC so the limits are set to 9 spells for all NPC’s
    The Generator will calculate the changes to the character abilities once recalculate in pressed. It will also take into account the types of magic which stack and don’t stack.
    Happy New Year

  2. says:

    I have a couple questions on the NPC generator for Pathfinder. First, how do you determine the number of prebuff spells a spellcaster can have? Second, are prebuff spells automatically factored in to the characters abilities,AC, HP etc; after I hit recalculate?



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