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  1. dellax says:

    Can one make a split class NPC for PFRPG? (i.e. Aristocrat/Fighter, etc..)

  2. jow1099 says:

    Just curious, but do you have any plans to add the Artificer class to the pathfinder npc gen? Really love this tool! Well worth membership!

  3. mindlessmasses says:

    i have 4 npcs saved i am a lifetime member everytime i make a new npc its deleting one of my saved ones what do i do?

  4. Kenneth Dawson says:

    My membership isn’t letting me create NPC’s past 5th level, but it doesn’t run out for another three weeks.

    What’s going on?

  5. vengefulgnome26 says:

    having issues finding where to make a template. is there a setting in monster creator that im missing or is was this feature moved somewhere else?

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