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  1. Nat20s4Days says:

    How do I save an NPC?

    • admin says:

      You press the SAVE button on the top line, this will save the NPC to the Saved NPC file. You may need to refresh the Saved NPC screeen to see any new Saved NPCs as it get buffered.

  2. tdoane says:

    I had a really hard time creating an unchained barb2/monk7, I’ve never played a monk so I really needed the help but there were A LOT of things missing and wrong…

    no wand of mage armor

    no Brawling weapon enchantment (unarmed strike is light bludgeoning weapon so can go on amulet of mighty fists)

    no Jabbing combat style feat or feat tree

    Amulet of mighty fists is 6k not the appropriate 4k at +1 and you don’t have the option to put an enchantment on it.

    no body slot in magic items to add monks robe

    • admin says:

      Hi tdoane, Thanks for your comment, I rely on people informing me of anything missing or new things they want me to add. I’ve not done much with magic items recently, I’ve added the wands of mage armor, and Monks Robe and Brawling weapons enhancement. I’ve also added the Jabbing style feat tree.

  3. EricD555 says:

    Hi, I am trying to create a monster(First time) and I can’t get it to save. It says record has been submitted at the top of the page but I can’t find monster I created in the monster list. Can you help?

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