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  1. nightcore670 says:

    I can’t get my password reset

  2. Ghostwheel says:

    At first level a Hunter should have two known spells in addition to the Summon Nature Ally. The generator only shows one. I haven’t checked any other levels.

  3. jaredsw says:

    Hi, I think the ghost template is have an issue. It gives me this in the description under the base attack area: Notice: Undefined variable: base_cmb in /srv/ on line 184
    Calculated CMB: +

  4. semperrasa says:

    In the PF NPC Generator, if you try to select the feat Undead Master, it seems as if it doesn’t recognize Spell Focus (Necromancy) as an acceptable option, only seeming to recognize Spell Focus.

  5. semperrasa says:

    It looks like for the PF NPC generator, the feat Far Shot is using the old 3.5 rules (1.5x the range increment) instead of the PF rules, which say that the -2 per range increment after the 1st becomes -1 instead.
    When it prints the 3.5 enhanced range for the weapon, it causes confusion.

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