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  1. tdoane says:

    Hello, I am new but just bought a lifetime membership so I may be just missing something, but is there a way to get to the “advanced armor training” and “advanced weapon training” options for a fighter? it gives me the second weapon group but not the ability to go into the advanced options.

    • admin says:

      There is no way to add “advanced armor training” or “advanced weapon training” These abilities are from the weapon masters and armor masters handbook that hasn’t yet been covered by the generator.

  2. jaredsw says:

    Hi, I think something happened with the wererat template. First, there seems to be no human form wererat, but weirder is that the CR is wrong (a first level warrior human should be CR2 and it’s listed at 1) and the template for at least the hybrid form adds extra attributes. I think it gave my 1st level fighter duergar a 25 for intelligence, and the stats added up to at least 80.

  3. antilles107 says:

    Pathfinder Hieracosphinx might be missing it’s shriek special attack. Sorry if I’m just missing it somehow.

  4. Natticus says:


    I’m not sure if this has been asked already and/or if I’m missing something, but is there a way to change alignment? I’m creating an elf lich but it’s coming up as chaotic good. Obviously I can change that manually by copy pasting into a text file, but I feel like it would make sense to have it as an option. Thanks.

  5. Paul Hoffman says:

    Hi – I keep getting “Warning: A non-numeric value encountered” messages when I recalculate on any changes in the Pathfinder RPG NPC Generator. I start with a basic creature, giant wasp for example. If I make any change (HD for instance) then press recalculate, multiple of the above errors show. It doesn’t seem to affect the creature calculations any, so not sure what the errors are from. Only 1 instance is open, I’m not using the dice roller, and it has happened with multiple different creatures.

  6. saturncancer says:

    the spell like abilities for Ice Devils are repeated in the Horned Devil/Cornugon bloc.

    • admin says:

      I can’t seem to recreate this. Was it to do with multiple tabs open while using the dice thrower? If so you could be picking up an old version, try refreshing the screen and try again. Let me know how you get on.

  7. Kaffesaurus says:

    Hi. Thank you for a great DM resource.

    I am making my own mind flayer entries in the npc generator. How do I add their psion manifester level without actually giving them any class levels?

    • admin says:

      Select Psionics in special attacks and just type “(CL x)” in the value field.

      • Kaffesaurus says:

        Thank you.

        That leads to a second question though. For some reason, the monsters I create, their special attacks and qualities are not saved.
        They don’t show up in their stats when I use the NPC generator, and when I go to edit them, the fields are blank.

        Previous monsters I have created does not have this issue, but all monsters I create now do.

        Thank you for your help

        • admin says:

          This looks like another error the upgrade produced. Are you using the 3.5 or pathfinder monster creator?

        • admin says:

          I’ve found the problem it was to do with the upgrade, it should be fixed now. Please don’t hesitate in reporting any other problems, there could be others not yet found.

          • Kaffesaurus says:

            Thank you. Special attacks and qualities are now saved.
            I still cannot add manifester lvls to a created monster though. I add psionics and type “(CL 13)” and all variations there of, but when I use the NPC generator, there is no entry for psionic powers on the monster.

          • admin says:

            I misunderstood you want a 13th-level PSION spell list. The PSION wasn’t set up to work but I’ve added it now. So just select PSION and 13 as the Value, it should work.

  8. Natticus says:

    Quick question about creating a ranger. I don’t know if this has been answered, but is there a place to enter in the favored enemy type?

  9. thedragonlord says:

    I cant seem to display my mind eater saved npc to the plain srd20 format for some reason? works with my other npcs?

  10. semperrasa says:

    Hi there.
    I’m using the PF NPC Generator.
    How is it handling Class Skills, if at all?
    In the dropdown for choosing skills, some are listed as “Class” after the skill name (such as Survival), but when I select it, the bonus total provided is only the rank and the ability mod, not including the +3 from having ranks in a class skill.

    • admin says:

      The class skills are set up in the Class focus. What is being displayed on the skills drop-down is the skills that are classed as class for the monster type. It looks as if you have found a bug though, as I display them as class skills on the dropdown but then don’t set them up as class skills. I will look into this. Thanks for reporting.

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