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NPC 76

Grishad King of the Tramps (Half-Orc Rogue/Expert D&D 3.5 CR 16 )

Grishad is a tramp, he wears many layers of tattered clothes, and has a very distinct body odor which will hit like a wall if any one comes within 10ft of him. His skin is dirty brown with a leathery texture. His long brown bushy beard and hair have not seen a comb in over 20 years.  The brown eyes though have look of crafty  intelligence.

All the Tramps of the city regard Grishad as their leader, he regularly visits each tramp in the city, helping them out if need be. He also gathers any information the tramps have overheard paying a few pennies for any juicy titbit’s.

For people in the know Grishad is a fountain of local gossip, but knowledge costs money the more important, the more it will cost.  Grishad has used the gold to purchase cheap alcohol, and buy a few personal magical items, these are all filthy or covered up.

Grishad does not like to fight and will retreat at the first opportunity if atacked and use his ring of chameleon to change his looks. He prefers to play the poor tramp if confronted, using his intimidate or bluff skills to avoid a fight.

Name Grishad King of the Tramps
Half-Orc CR 16
XP 76800
Chaotic Neutral Medium Humanoid
Rogue level 8 (skill points 121) Informer
Expert level 16 (skill points 144) Tramp
Init +3; Senses Darkvision 60; Listen +19; Spot +18


AC 24, Touch 14, flat footed 21 (+5 Chain Shirt, +0 Shield, none)
(+3 Dex, +2 Natural, +9 armor)
hp 156 (0d8+8d6+16d6+72);
Fort +10, Ref +14, Will +11


Speed 40
Single Attack(+2/+2) Club +24 (1d6+6)
or (+1/+1) Dart +22 (1d4+4)
Full Attack
(+2/+2) Club +24/19/14/9 (1d6+6)
or (+1/+1) Dart +22/17/12/7 (1d4+4) range 20
Space 5ft.; Reach 5ft.
Special Attacks
Sneak Attack Sneak attack at an extra (D6) 4


Str 12 + 4 = 16, Dex 14 + 2 = 16, Con 16, Int 16, Wis 8, Chr 10
Base Attack 18 Grapple 21
Alertness: +2 listen +2 spot,
Armour Prof Light,
Blind-fight: Re-roll miss chance for concealment,
Deceitful: +2 Disguise +2 Forgery,
Diligent: +2 Appraise and Decipher script ,
Investigator: +2 Gather information and Search,
Leadership: Attract cohort and followers,
Negotiator: +2 Diplomacy +2 Sense motive,
Persuasive: +2 Bluff +2 Intimidate,
Simple Weapon Proficiency,
Weapon Focus: +1 to attack rolls
Skills Appraise 32, Bluff 28, Climb 2, Decipher Script 5, Diplomacy 6, Disguise 24, Escape Artist 2, Forgery 5, Gather Information 30, Hide 25, Intimidate 25, Jump 9, Know Local 29, Listen 19, Move Silently 16, Open Lock 3, Search 22, Sense Motive 18, Sleight of Hand 30, Spot 18, Survival 4, Tumble 14
Languages Common, Orc


Environment Any
Organization Group 2-5
Treasure Standard


Evasion Reflex save no damage instead of 1/2
Improved Uncanny Dodge Can no longer be flanked
Trap Sense Reflex save and AC when dealing with traps bonus 2
Trapfinding Can find magical traps
Uncanny Dodge Retains Dex bonus if flat footed

MAGIC ITEMS (max value 77000)

Amulet of natural armour (+2) +2 Nat armour (8000gp)
+4 Chain Shirt (16000gp)
Belt of giant strength (+4) +4 STR (16000gp)
Boots of striding and springing +5 jump +10 move (5500gp)
Lens of detection (+5) +5 search + 5 survival (3500gp)
Gloves of dexterity (+2) +2 dex (4000gp)
Ring of Chameleon power +10 hide +10 disguise (12700gp)
Ring of Protection (+1) +1AC (2000gp)
+2 Club (8000gp)
+1 Dart (2000gp)

Total Value = 77700

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