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Pathfinder RPG NPC Generator

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  1. chaoswil2000 says:

    Can the Rat Ogre from D20PFSRD be added to the bestiary?

  2. CheddarWerewolf says:

    Could you please add the Half-Giant race from Psionics?

  3. chaoswil2000 says:

    can sword wights be added to the bestiary please?

  4. Durog25 says:

    Please can we have the Pallid Vector (Villain Codex) template added?

  5. CheddarWerewolf says:

    I am making a level 15 human wizard. After I alter the NPC and Recalculate, the entire page reverts to CR 0.5 and strips all my customizations…is this something I’m doing or an issue?

  6. colebotman says:

    Could you add otter to the bestiary list? It would be great to see some more familiars in general! Thanks for everything!

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