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  1. wjuc334 says:

    Brawler doesn’t “feign” having 13 int properly for the purpose of feats. They’re supposed to be able to grab them even when their int is lower but it throws up errors.

    So far as I can tell it still works, but might be an issue with some particular feats.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for reporting, the error messages are just for show and can be overridden. I’ve made a change now though so Brawler will not throw up an error for requiring 13 INT.

  2. IndianaDnD says:

    Expert (Smugler) is assigning skills ranks to Forgery, which is not a skill in pf1e.

  3. RobMoody says:

    Noticed some strangeness today. Drop downs for classes no longer give options. I have tried clearing cookies and site data on my side but the issue persists. Is something else going on?

    • admin says:

      Should be OK now. I was adding a new class, Grand Marshal and for a short time when adding the selections get disabled because the data is out of sync so the SQL statements don’t work. You may need to refresh the page (f5).

  4. Jacqualine Cooper says:

    Any chance of adding the Shield Marshal (SRD: Grand Marshal) prestige class? Paid subscriber, I’m running a game set in Alkenstar and have been having to manually add the class features.

  5. EricD555 says:

    I think this is where I should have posted my comment. My apologies. Can you tell me where to find Boots of Springing and Striding in the Pathfinder magic items? If not there can you add them? Thanks! And by the way… GREAT site. You have saved me Sooo much time and effort over the past few years! Thanks Again!

  6. JonCur says:

    Hi, My name is Eric and I have been have huge problems trying to access the site. To date I have paid for at least three 6mo memberships in the last few months and I have never been able to access the site. I have the following e-mail addresses,,, and dingles123123 all with paid memberships. The first three I can’t even log on to the site with as there have been login issues. I have tried the password reset option but the link never arrives. The last one I paid for again today but can’t access the full site. Only the free portion and My players are all to the point where I need to create characters greater than 5th level.I love your site and have been using it for years. I use the Firefox browser if that helps. Is there anything you can do to help me? I’m helplessly lost at this point. Thanks for any assistance you can provide, Eric DeAngelis

  7. CheddarWerewolf says:

    Hey man. Any chance you could add the Vitalist class from Psionics?

  8. IndianaDnD says:

    The gore attack (other/offhand) appears to be causing two handed weapon damage calculations to act as if the wielder is only using 1 hand.

    Example: Minotaur with great axe only gets Str dmg x 1 as long as gore attack is listed, but changes to x 1.5 when gore is removed (or changed to bite or something)

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