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  1. Ghostwheel says:

    Can you add the Bolt Ace archetype to Gunslinger?
    Are you going to add the “simple” class templates at any time in the future?
    I don’t code, or really have any tech knowledge more advanced than simply using a computer, but is there any way I can help with additions to the site?

    • admin says:

      I’ve added the Bolt Ace archetype. Most additions require some coding and I haven’t set up programs for all the database changes needed for additions, but thanks for the offer.

  2. antilles107 says:

    Trying to get stats on hippopotamus leads me to a “fatal error”. Other creatures seem to be working fine. Cheers.

  3. Ghostwheel says:

    This is very strange. I can log in, access my saved characters, access 3.5 creator, access saved created monsters, etc. But when I go to Pathfinder creator, it tells me I am not logged in and shows only a single class available at 1st-5th level.

  4. Bill Redford says:

    admin. For Undead. The CHA bonus is added as bonus HP per level just like CON bonus is added to non undead per level.

    • admin says:

      It works in my tests, the CHA bonus is added to the HP for all undead. That’s why I need more information so I can recreate the problem you’re having. Can you copy and paste the Hp calculation from the plain text print?
      This is from a 9th level Lich I’ve created: hp 97 (0d8+9d6+54+9); the +54 is the CHA bonus (+6) X by the level (9)

      • Bill Redford says:

        Dhampir Vampire/Mythic Agile CR 14
        Swashbuckler level 12 (skill points 60) Swashbuckler

        hp 102 (0d8+12d10+12+8+12);Fast healing 5 points each round

        Str 19, Dex 28 + 6 = 34, Con 0, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 24

        The CHA 24 (+7) should give 96 hitpoints 7/ level for 12 levels.

  5. cruciare says:

    Hello again –
    Just noticed that the mighty template does not add 10hp/HD min 50 hp –
    Also, made a human lick – the Cha mod is not added to the HP total for undead.
    Just a heads up and great work on the site!

    • admin says:

      The +10/hp per level for mighty is not actually calculated but added as text next to the HPs in the plain text screen. The Cha mod should be added to the HP total, can you give me some more details of the Lich (I presume lick was a mistype) (class/ Cha score) and I’ll attempt to recreate it?

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