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Pathfinder RPG NPC Generator

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  1. irelandm says:

    Hi, for the Shaman class, can you add Summon Nature’s Ally for spell levels 1-9. Also, can you add Merge with Familiar (lvl 2) and Tailwind (lvl 3)

  2. RevenantBob says:

    For the SRD style text, a small change. If the skills are positive, could they get a + in front of their number?

    The reason being, I copy and paste the skills into fantasy grounds and it matches the formatted text based on +# not #. So it’s a bunch of typing for all the NPCs I make.

    If it’s too much of a hassle, no problem.

  3. woofer295 says:

    Hey! Have you considered adding templates for Enlarge & Reduce person? That would be awesome! Thanks for all you do!

  4. chaoswil2000 says:

    ‘sup sir its me again any chance we can get both the bonepowder ghoul and the iron ghoul added to the arsenal?

  5. karmicOnion says:

    Can you add the Jiang-Shi Vampire template?

  6. irelandm says:

    Fair enough. II see what you are saying having re-read the equipment rule for Composite Longbows.

    That said, here is another question along the same lines. The Barbarian in question has a natural STR 18 (4). He consumes a potion of Bull’s Strength and the buff is applied in the generator to make him a STR 22 (6). It seems that the generator is automatically assuming he has now purchased a Composite Longbow +6 to replace his non-buffed Composite Longbow +4. Is this how it is supposed to be acting, or should the Composite Longbow remain a +4 regardless of the potion he has consumed?

    • admin says:

      The generator only knows whether to add the strength bonus to a ranged weapon or not. It does not differentiate between a potion, magic spell or magic item strength bonuses. You will have to deduct the extra damage manually if the composite bow is under strengthed.

  7. irelandm says:

    Hi, Can you explain how the system handles the Composite Longbow and Composite Shortbow STR bonus to damage. I have a Barbarian with a Composite Longbow and it looks like he is getting a +6 to dmg. for his strength but I thought Composite Longbows topped out at +5 dmg. for STR, thanks.

    • admin says:

      As far as I know, there is no limit to the strength bonus for a composite longbow. Some DMs put +5 as a house rule. The Solar Angel has +9 composite bow Str damage.

  8. Memmorath says:

    Thank you for adding D20SRD printout!

  9. unclebounce says:

    Not sure if you’re aware, but the d20 printout template for the pathfinder NPC creator does not include equipment details. Keep up the great work, bud!

  10. chaoswil2000 says:

    hello sir, sorry to bother you again, first off thank you for adding the Jotun Blood and Giant blood templates but any chance the black blood template the third paizo adventure path could be added as well? My party is going through a bit of an Orgesh kick at the moment.

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