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Pathfinder RPG NPC Generator

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  1. irelandm says:

    Thank you, I wasn’t sure about the damage and that clarifies things.

    Could you add two creatures to the generator: Winter Hag and White Pudding (an Ooze).

  2. irelandm says:

    For the Advanced Template I noticed an issue with an Advanced Black Pudding (an Ooze) I created using the generator. All abilities are supposed to be increased by +4 which was true for STR, DEX, CON, INT. However, the generator increased WIS and CHA by +9 (to 10 each). Also, for some reason, the damage increased by +3 instead of +2 (as a result of the increase of STR by +4.)

    • admin says:

      The generator was getting mixed up with a zombie (10 CHA and WIS). It should be OK now. The increase of +3 damage is correct as it only has one slam so the str bonus damage is times 1.5.

  3. irelandm says:

    Working on my ghost NPC. Looking good. Generator is still returning a positive STR (should be 0).

  4. irelandm says:

    Thank you. If I haven’t said it before, this generator is my saviour! I have a game where all the players are what I would consider experts at rpg play. They need big challenges. The generator allows me to easily advance familiar and unfamiliar creatures by increasing HD and adding templates, to give the players that challenge.

  5. irelandm says:

    I generated a human shaman ghost but noticed that some things from the bestiary template were missing: channel resistance +4, darkvision 60 ft., the new AC based on charisma based deflection bonus, STR = 0, CHA +4, perception and stealth +8

  6. irelandm says:

    Thanks, never created a ghost before, but that works better for what I had in mind.

  7. irelandm says:

    Thank you.
    Could you add the Ghost CR7 to the generator, thanks

  8. irelandm says:

    Hi, I am generating a standard Frost Worm which in the Pathfinder bestiary is CR12. But the generator version comes back as CR3 with the same stat bloc?

  9. jackconnelly42 says:

    Hi Paul,
    Can you put in Occult Adventures classes/skills/spells for Pathfinder?
    I’m totally fine with needing to bribe you, as I need it, like “hobby badly”.

  10. irelandm says:

    Yes, 13100 is the correct total of all that magic. And YES, the problem is on the Generator page which shows a total for the same magic as 12,800. I tried clearing my cache to see if that fixed the problem but it didn’t.

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