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  1. arkwright says:

    Could you please add the Fauchard weapon? Thanks kindly.

  2. chaoswil2000 says:

    may we please get Kuru added to the bestiary please?

  3. irelandm says:

    Hi, I generated a character with the feat Shot on the Run but the system did not demand Mobility as a pre-req.

  4. chaoswil2000 says:

    Can the falcata be added to the weapon list please?

  5. arkwright says:

    Could you please add Piranha Strike feat? Also the Blur buff.

  6. LordSpoon says:

    Can you please add Poison Creature template? It is a really cool one for soo many creatures

  7. chaoswil2000 says:

    Can the dread Mohrg template be added sir? As well as dread Ghast and dread ghoul thank you for your time.

  8. LaconicDM says:

    I Login as Logged on as LaconicDM Lifetime member but when I go to to use the pathfinder npc generator. I told I am “Not Logged on”. I am missing a step here or something?

  9. irelandm says:

    Thanks, I see that now.

  10. StarSword says:

    Hellknight Signifier needs to be added to the prestige classes.

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