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What’s New, Requests and To Do List

List of New Additions to the Generators

26/04/14 Pathfinder Mythic Templates – Agile, Arcane, Divine, Invincible, Savage
28/04/14 Pathfinder Monster Creator – Added Dodge bonus to AC
29/04/14 Plain Text Version negative to hit does not appear as +- any more just –
08/04/14 Pathfinder NPC Generator fixed problem with attribute bonuses not being recalculated for buffs
19/05/14 Added Druid Archetypes – Green Faith Initiate, Menhir Savant, Mooncaller, Pack Lord, Reincarnated Druid and Storm Druid
20/05/14 Added Druid domains (for when druid has no animal companion)
Upgraded the Pathfinder RPG Encounter Generator to include monster name and template.
21/05/14 – 23/05/14 Added Druid Archetypes Survivor, World walker, Aquatic Druid, Arctic Druid, and Blight Druid
24/05/14 Added Dwarven Defender to the D&D 3.5 NPC Generator
28/05/14 Added Druid Archetypes Cave Druid, Desert Druid, Jungle Druid, Mountain Druid, Plains Druid, Swamp Druid, Tempest Druid, Urban Druid.
04/06/14 Split Pathfinder Spells out of D&D 3.5 selection lists
09/06/14 Added Druid Archetypes Ape Shaman, Bat Shaman, Bear Shaman, Boar Shaman, Dragon Shaman, Eagle Shaman, Lion Shaman, Saurian Shaman, Serpent Shaman, Shark Shaman, Wolf Shaman
18/07/14 Implemented 30 day membership
19/07/2014 Added Monk Archetypes Hamatulatsu Master, Hungry Ghost Monk, Ki Mystic and Maneuver Master.
20/07/2014 Added Monk Archetype Martial Artist
29/07/2014 Added Monk Archetypes Master of Many Styles and Monk of the Empty Hand

Dec 2014 I have been busy adding the Hybrid classes. So far I’ve added:

Arcanist, Bloodrager, Brawler, Hunter, Investigator, Skald and Slayer. Only Shaman, Swashbuckler and Warpriest to go.

July 2015 Added Mythic feats.

Pathfinder New Monsters

Wk 21/04/14
Giant Ash, Giant Desert, Giant Jungle, Girtablilu, Globster, Goblin Snake. Golem, Bone, Golem, Brass, Golem, Cannon
Golem, Fossil, Gorynych, Graveknight, Graven Guardian, Gremlin, Fuath, Grodair, Grootslang, Guecubu, Hellwasp Swarm,
Herd Animal, Antelope, Herd Animal, Elk, Hodag, Hollow Serpent, Huecuva, Humbaba, Hungry Fog, Iku-turso, Jackalwere,
Death’s Head Jellyfish, Sapphire Jellyfish, Jorogumo, Jubjub Bird, Kamadan, Kami Jinushigami, Kami Kodama
Kami Shikigami, Kami Toshigami, Kami Zuishin, Kappa, Kech, Kirin, Kongamato, Kyton Augur, Kyton Eremite,
Kyton Interlocutor, Leshy Fungus, Leshy Gourd
Leshy Leaf, Leshy Seaweed, Linnorm Cairn, Linnorm Fjord, Linnorm Taiga, Linnorm Tor, Lizard Giant Gecko,
Lizard Giant Chameleon, Lukwata.
Maftet, Magmin, Manananggal, Marsupial Kangaroo, Marsupial Thylacine, Megafauna Archelon, Megafauna Baluchitherium, Megafauna Basilosaurus, Megafauna Megalania, Mobogo, Moon-beast
Myceloid, Naga Lunar, Naga Royal, Nephilim, Nixie, Norn, Nuckelavee
Nue, Oni Fire Yai, Oni Ice Yai, Oni Kuwa
11/05/2013 – 15/05/2014
Spirit Oni, Oni Void Yai, Oni Water Yai, Pale Stranger, Parasite Rot Grub Swarm, Parasite Giant Rot Grub, Peri, Phantom Fungus, Plasma Ooze, Popobala, Porcupine, Giant, Pukwudgie, Rakshasa Dandasuka, Rakshasa Maharaja, Rakshasa, Marai, Rakshasa Raktavarna, Rakshasa Tataka, Ratfolk, Rusalka, Sagari, Sargassum Fiend, Sasquatch, Scorpion Deadfall, Scorpion Ghost, Sea Anemone Giant, Sea Bonze, Sea Serpent Deep, Shae, Shinigami, Simurgh, Siyokoy, Skunk, Skunk Giant, Sleipnir, Snake Swarm, Snake Swarm Venomous, Spider Ogre, Sprite, Stymphalidies, Suli, Tanuki, Taotieh, Tatzlwyrm, Terra-cotta Soldier, Thriae Queen, Thriae Seer, Thriae Soldier, Titan Hekatonkheires, Tojanida, Tophet, Troll Jotund, Troll Moss, Trollhound, Tupilaq, Tzitzimitl, Valkyrie, Vanara, Vodyanoi, Voonith, Vulture, Giant Vulture, Wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing, Yithian, Yuki-onna, Zoog, Zuvembie.

Work / to do list

Add all Pathfinder MM3
Add Epic Dragons in D&D 3.5
Add Pathfinder Ultimate Magic Archetypes and Witch Patrons
Create a PC generator for Pathfinder RPG

  1. eruditeogre says:

    I looked through a bunch of comments but did not see this request. Beholders? I ran through very name I could think of for them but could not find them.

  2. vengefulgnome26 says:

    hay just wanna say that i love this site and it saves me a lot of time. would it be possible to add a create a class much like monsters so that id be able to bring in different dnd 3.5 classes that are less common?

  3. cwkampe says:

    Would it be possible to export an NPC as a table (in some form or another)? Basically, I’m trying to write a program that will change your format (effectively, cutting out some information and rearranging other parts). I’ve been trying to parse the “short” version, but I keep bumping into irregularities so my rules don’t work.

    I’m under the impression you’re putting the data into a table and then formatting it as text, would it be possible to get the pathfinder NPC data from you while its still in the table? If I could get the data from, it would be easier for my program to grab parts of it and put it into the format I want.

  4. cronarmorer says:

    Is there any possibility that Archetypes for some of the hybrid pathfinder classes (particularly Swashbuckler) will be added to the NPC generator?

  5. jimothy_von says:

    I just paid for a lifetime membership. I love this generator, but there is one thing that is throwing me off. When I add class levels to a “monster”, for simplicity say a human, it isn’t changing the CR. Is this by design? The only thing that has occurred to me is to add the class levels to the initial CR. I’m curious what your thoughts are.


  6. grut630 says:

    I bought a lifetime membership and it shows up on my account under orders, and says it is complete but when I go to my account it says I still only have have a free membership. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi, It looks as if you might not have returned to the website after PayPal so you were not set up automatically. No problem though, I’ve set you up manually now, let me know if you have any problems.

  7. shemjehu says:

    On the Pathfinder RPG NPC creator I would love to see alternative attribute choices like standard: 4d6 drop the lowest, heroic (2d6+6), and/or the ability to adjust attributes and recalculate, please and thank you for your time and consideration.

    • shemjehu says:

      I see that you can adjust the attributes after calculation, but it keeps showing a warning that too many attribute points have been spent. However, that’s fine, it lets me adjust all that I want to. So, I withdraw my previous comment.

  8. Yunalescar says:

    hey there 😀
    I like this NPC Creator a lot. I create many archetypes for Orc, like, Orc Rogoue, Orc Cleric, Orc Fighter and so on, and the same for gnolls etc. Its very nice for the first few levels to play massive combats. But it would be very nice, if you could download the Monster as pdf or something like this.
    And it would be cool if two functions would be added.

    First that you can change the monster afterward. So that i can change a orc cleric in a few seconds in a gnoll cleric.

    Second it would be cool if you would have some Customize funktions. So just a textbox for the Ranged weapon (The Hornbow as example, a orc weapon) or a textbox for the feats (Shields Brace for the Black orcs, because they fight tactical) and so on. So that i can determine how much damage the weapon does, or how much armor a weapon gives. And so on 😀

  9. irelandm says:

    Sorry, that should have read: “Pathfinder Encounter Calculator”, a calculator that calculates both XP by CR and treasure by APL

  10. irelandm says:

    Have you considered working on a Pathfinder Encounter Generator like the D20 one? I have tried to use the Imarand Pathfinder Encounter Generator but I think it is error-prone, especially when calculating treasure.

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