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Pathfinder NPC Generator

I’ve now released the Beta version of Dingles Pathfinder NPC Generator. I still have some monsters to update (add in more skills and feats) but I reckon the generator is in a usable state. If any one has any problems let me know and I’ll get them fixed.
Let me know what you think about the Pathfinder NPC Generator…


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  1. amaranth says:

    hey, love the tool. I am making a Derro Sorcerer, and couldn’t find either “Silent Spell” or “Still Spell” anywhere in the feat list.

  2. admin says:

    Hi gwokurka,
    Improved Sunder is be back in the feats list now. I’d changed an SQL query to stop cruelty’s and Hex’s being displayed in the feats lists but some proper feats were also not being displayed.

  3. gwokurka says:

    admin, I noticed Improved Sunder is missing from the feat selection in the Pathfinder NPC Generation

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