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Monster Race Bonus Skills and Future Ammendments

I am currently working on separating monster race bonus skills from their skill ranks and adding them as a misc bonus. This will allow monsters with race bonuses to break the skill cap. At the moment the generator does not allow skills to break the cap.
I will hopefully have this amendment working in the next week.
If anyone has any other requirements they want me to look into let me know.
My current priorities are:
1. Monster Race Skills and free Feats. (Race Skills for pathfinder are now complete and appear as a misc bonus)
2. Auto Generations of magic treasure for NPCs
3. Look into creating gangs of statted monsters e.g. Orc village, Town watch, Gang of Ogres
4. Adding a PC Generator with ability to level up.

Number 3 may be a bit difficult, so if any one has any ideas on how this will work please let me know.

  1. admin says:

    Hi jsmort I will be adding the oracle to the generator soon

  2. jsmort says:

    just wanted to say i think ur site is awesome, its a great help for running a game. was wondering if you’ll be including the oracle class in your pathfinder npc generator

  3. admin says:

    Hi number6,
    Thanks for your feedback, yes you can create your own gangs and treasure can be added manually from charts. What I was thinking about was catching people who wanted a fully working NPC, magic and all with one click.

    Another option I would like to add is to add a magic weapon to the secondary weapon.

    There are certainly more classes and archetypes I need to add.

    I am also thinking of creating a more complex PC generator including, items and weight, multiple weapon options, etc.


  4. admin says:

    I have spent the last week updating all the race skills for the pathfinder generator. These bonuses will now appear as a misc bonus and not be included as ranks. Any skills that are dependent will appear underneath
    e.g. +4 stealth in snow
    Any monster with a climb speed gets +8 climb,
    swim speed gets +8 swim.
    I am now planning on updating the D&D 3,5 stats.

  5. number6 says:

    My suggestion, which is nothing really.

    #1 is cool.
    #2 to me not so important. There are simple charts for that if need be. Why duplicate it. Character creation is far more complex imo and thus your service is huge 🙂
    #3 Can we not make our own gangs if need be?

    I’m all for adding new classes, racial modifiers, archetypes as per Pathfinder and such.
    Nuts and bolts elements.

    My 2 cents.
    If money will sway thee… let me know 😉

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