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PayPal Transactions

I’ve now converted from Google Checkout to PayPal if anyone has any problems with the PayPal checkout please let me know. I’ve also added a 1 week membership for $1, so you can have a cheap try out of what Dingle’s Games membership offers.

  1. gamedrummer says:

    Hey there, this is just a minor inconvenience that, if you get some time, could look into.

    The PayPal API that you currently have does not appear to allow PayPal accounts with security key authentication to log in. Whenever I attempted to log into my PayPal account my password was rejected (it just states that I must have entered something incorrectly, but I checked seven times and it was all correct).

    The normal procedure would be to accept the password, then take me to a page to send a security key to me directly so I can authenticate and log in. I got around this issue by signing in as a PayPal guest and re-enter all of my credit card information.

    This is not a huge deal, but something to look into for the future make subscription purchasing through PayPal easier.

    Thanks for the fantastic website!

  2. admin says:

    Hi domhaney24,
    it sounds as if you do not have cookies enabled for on your computer. I use cookies to pass the login information between pages. Have a look at his page it will tell you how to enable cookies.

  3. domhaney24 says:

    I just bought a week membership and when I try to create a npc it says I am not logged in but at the home page it says I am. I bought the membership right now because it is all I can afford right now I am planning on buying a year but if I can only create basic npcs I wont please tell me what I am doing wrong.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Paedra.
    Sorry I have been out and only just got your mail.
    Try paying just $1 paypal may well let this through. I can rebate this when you buy the 1 year membership.
    If you confirm your bank account with paypal this will also work. Paypal have put a temporary hold on your account, possibly because you’ve been using paypal recently, they did the same to me when I was testing paypal.

  5. Paedra says:

    I tried buying a year membership. Paypal wouldn’t accept the transaction and just keeps saying “try again later”. in the meantime, I can’t create monsters and I have a game in 2.5 hours. :…(


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