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Having Trouble Accessing Some of the Menu Options

Some people after having paid membership were not able to access some of the the screens. One problem was to do with their bookmarks pointing to pages other than the main page.Changing the bookmark to point at should fix the problem.
Another problem is to do with cookies being disabled on your web browser. Dingle’s Games uses cookies to pass your log in user id between the different pages. If you are using Internet Explorer try going to internet options (top right cog) then privacy, select sites and enter and click “allow” this will enable cookies for Dingle’s Games. After you have made the change you will have to refresh the web pages on the D&D and Pathfinder Generators, and the Login/Register by pressing F5. This should now display your correct logged in information on the left hand site.

If you are using other browsers make sure you have cookies enabled.

  1. admin says:

    Hi Dallas1967, I’ve just tested it on Chrome and it’s working Ok, It could just have been a slow time. I’ll reboot the server and see if that speeds things up. Let me know if you still have problems.

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