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Having Trouble Accessing Some of the Menu Options

Some people after having paid membership were not able to access some of the screens. One problem was to do with their bookmarks pointing to pages other than the main page. Changing the bookmark to point at should fix the problem.

Since I have swapped to a new server you may have to login via the update login information button if you want to create monsters.

Another problem is to do with cookies being disabled on your web browser. Dingle’s Games uses cookies to pass your login user id between the different pages. If you are using Internet Explorer try going to Internet options (top right cog) then privacy, select sites, and enter and click “allow” This will enable cookies for Dingle’s Games. After you have made the change you will have to refresh the web pages on the D&D and Pathfinder Generators, and the Login/Register by pressing F5. This should now display your correct logged-in information on the left-hand side.


If you are using other browsers make sure you have cookies enabled.

If you are still having problems you may need to delete the dinglesgames cookie and clear the cache on your browser.

You can contact me at if you need help


  1. SunkelDM says:

    I purchased a 1 yr membership and was charged $55.00 and the time doesn’t appear to be added. Can you please assist! Thanks.

  2. Madcow88 says:

    I paid for a lifetime membership and it is not processing. I’ve contacted my bank they say it’s on your end. It has been 5 days I am running a game soon.

    Plz respond

    PS its not cookies

  3. says:

    Allowing all cookies, fresh browser and machine (PC & MAC) tried firefox, chrome, safari. 🙁 Any other pointers?

    new warning: Non-numeric value line 5266

    • admin says:

      It could be your anti-virus software blocking it, try putting dinglesgames on the safe list. Have you tried the 3.5 and Pathfinder generators? Does the plain text work OK? Just to clarify the problem the Plain Text D20SRD button does nothing when you press it, id that correct?

  4. says:

    This is the error message:

    Notice: Undefined index: sclass1_focus in /srv/ on line 547

    Notice: Undefined index: sclass2_focus in /srv/ on line 550

    Notice: Undefined index: suser in /srv/ on line 551

    Notice: Undefined index: soldmon_key in /srv/ on line 553

    Notice: Undefined index: selite in /srv/ on line 554

    Notice: Undefined index: smon_template in /srv/ on line 555

    Notice: Undefined index: smon_template2 in /srv/ on line 556

    • admin says:

      This looks like a cookies problem, you will also get this message if your session has timed out (after about 20mins) in which case just recalculate every 10 mins or so. Make sure you have cookies enabled for dinglesgames if you still have problems you can try deleting all your cookies and try again.

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