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Problem with Comments

There was a problem when posting comments. Hopefully, this has now been fixed. If you are still having problems you can email me at




  1. EricD555 says:

    Hello, My Name is Eric and I am having problems with my account. I have purchased 2 different paid memberships and neither is granting me access. The first was for and the second for I tried resetting my password on the first but no reset link ever came to my e-mail account. So far I have been charged a total of $30.00 and I can’t gt it to work. Can you please help me? I love you site and really want to access the entire suite of tools. Please contact me at either of these e-mail addresses. Thanks!

  2. Izzean Grey says:

    The NPC generator doesn’t seem to be changing the CR at all. Add 5 levels of fighter to an Ogre and the CR doesn’t change.

    • admin says:

      Could you tell if you are using any templates so I can recreate the problem? There was a problem with 0 Int templates e.g. zombie where classes can’t be added, I’ve changed this to an error now.

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