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Price Changes

I’ve had to upgrade my prices as they hadn’t changed for 10 years but my costs have.

The new prices are

$70 for a Lifetime membership

$35 for 1 Year

$20 for 6 months

$20 for 30 days.

Roll20 CGEN loads

I have been using CGEN on roll20 and sometimes I get an error when importing the plain text D20SRD. I found that manually adding an extra line after the Will save in the GM notes seems to fix the problem.

I can’t seem to fix this in my output though. I anyone is using CGEN and has problems can you let me know?


Roll20 interface

I have added a new Plain Text Format “Plain Text D20SRD”. For anyone using the RollD20 CGEN script, this format can be pastable into the GM notes section on the token to create abilities.


Fishing Spam WARNING

If you have received an email from asking to confirm login details it is a fishing attempt. Do NOT click anything,

This is what it says:

“We are closing all old versions and non-active users from (14/11/2019). Please confirm your email address ( to keep your account from being deactivated.”






Problem with Comments

There was a problem when posting comments. Hopefully, this has now been fixed. If you are still having problems you can email me at




Moved Servers and Updated Site

I’ve now managed to move servers after alot of problems, it was a bit of a learning curve. I appologise for the downtime.

Dinglesgames has been upgraded and has moved platforms,  Some data may have been lost when the conversion took place. If you have created a new user, you may need to create it again. A lot of background work was needed to bring the code up to date, so if you find any problems/errors please let me know and I’ll fix them.

There may also be a problem if you had 2 login ids with the same email address. The second login will not have been added as the new version of wordpress only allows 1 login per email address. If this has happened please contact me and I will remove the old login so you can re-create the new one.

If anyone has problems accessing any functions try logging in via the Update Login Information button.

You can email me at