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Dice Roller


I’ve now added a Dice roller to the site. You will need to press CTRL and F5 to refresh the graphics.

At the top of the generator are buttons to roll Dice

FATT = Full Attack

SATT = Single Attack

RATT = Ranged Attack

SRATT Single Ranged Attack

WSAVE = Will Save

FSAVE = Fort Save

RSAVE = Reflex Save

You can also select the skills to roll a skill check.

You can add in opponents AC, miss chance, mirror images, and any misc bonus that applies e.g. flanking.

The Generator will calculate all the attacks and critical hits.

Let me know if you get any problems or any suggestions.

  1. bignoob says:

    I am not seeing the link to this. I have done the ctrl f5 refresh and am just not seeing a link on main page. I have not been drinking I swear!

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