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Roll20 interface

I have added a new Plain Text Format “Plain Text D20SRD”. For anyone using the RollD20 CGEN script, this format can be pastable into the GM notes section on the token to create abilities.


  1. electron281 says:

    awesome resource. Thanks for keeping it fresh

  2. Adventurer says:

    Well done, man. And good timing too with the current social distancing and quarantining measures.

    Good to see you still going at it and working on this.

    • admin says:

      Yes, that’s the reason I thought I should get on with it. I’m currently in a game of Starwars on roll20.

      • jfmays says:

        Yes! This was a thing I had requested from you at one time. Glad to see you did it.

        I am now playing 5e at Roll20. Any chance of you making a 5e npc generator on here? There are a few out there, but I have a feeling you could make a better one. Plus, you could then give it the same format output and an input script at Roll20 could be written.

  3. TORENCE TRUE says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait to use.

  4. Athedia says:

    This is amazing thank you!

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