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  1. Fitz10024 says:

    Hi! This site is awesome.
    It appears that the Mummy listing lacks the Despair special attack (like a Frightful Presence), and that Mummy Lord is not listed.

  2. Benefit says:

    I got my IP blocked and now I don’t have access to your site from my home! Pls Help!

  3. Eric Scanlan says:

    Ran into some issues with generated Pathfinder NPCs.

    I generated a hag witch, level 12. For her highest spell level, she has 3 copies of Age Resistance memorized (target: you, duration: 24 hours). But I get that it’s probably difficult to program optimized builds for all levels, however she is a high-level spellcaster with an int of 26, of a base monster that starts with 3 languages. What does she speak?

    Aklo. Just Aklo.

    • Eric Scanlan says:

      I see what was happening with the spells. Assumed they populate randomly but looks like they do so alphabetically. Still not sure what happened with the languages though.

      • admin says:

        Hi Eric, the spells are just a drop-down list so you can select the spells you want, they are not randomly populated. The languages are just the languages from the Monster stats I don’t add in any other languages for a high intelligence. You will have to do that manually depending on your campaign.

  4. MisterNubCakes says:

    Hello, I have been using Dinglesgames for a couple of years now, but I just decided I wanted to make an account and buy a lifetime membership. I’ve made my payment via paypal, how long does it take for my membership status to be updated? A few hours? Days?

  5. cyridris says:


    not a question about the gazme, but more about yourself, i hope that the actual crysis don’t hit you, and your familly.

    Wish you good health.

  6. lurtze1 says:

    It seems that bomb damage for an alchemist is not automatically calculated, is this going to be added? It’s easy to calculate myself but I was just wondering if you are aware

  7. Aristaeus_Arcanus says:

    Some of the NPCs Ive created have randomly disappeared……whats happening?

    • admin says:

      Have you just deleted your cookies or are you using a different computer? If you are not logged on, the system uses a unique ID that is saved as a cookie on your computer it uses this id when saving the monsters if you are not logged on. The monsters displayed on your saved list are from your logon ID as well as this unique key from the cookie.

  8. Alexander Ballhausen says:

    Hey, I was just wondering whether the occult classes will be added to the pathfinder npc creator? Or are they available and I’m just blind?
    Absolutely love this website so far, keep up the great work!

  9. Michael Brown says:

    When you use the Pathfinder NPC Generator, when you use the Short Text box, why doesn’t special ability weapon damage (corrosive, frost, etc) appear in the damage listing? (i.e. Sling 1d4+1+1d6 acid)

  10. dangurxtreme says:

    Have you ever looked at making this work for 5th edition or sticking to just the D20 systems?

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