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  1. LORENCE says:

    Is there away to create a wererat and have the alternate forms be based off the human form?

  2. davismurphy says:

    I am having issues with the Pathfinder NPC creator. I create a 14th level half elf wizard, but the creator only recognizes the character as 1st level. Here’s a copy of what it prints for the text block “Name Half-Elf Wizard level 1 (skill points 98) Wizard(School Universal Prohibited , hp 93 (0d8+14d6+28+14), CR 13 XP 25600, Any Medium Humanoid”. It sees the character as 14th as far as HP go, but Feats, Spells, etc. will only let me add as if the character was 1st level. The drop down menu to start goes to 20 (so it recognizes my paid account), but on the character screen it only goes to 5th level. Maybe there is an error with my account?

  3. Lulan says:

    Hi there,

    I tried to name my saved characters, when I type in their campaign and name and click on update, it shows correctly the insert informations. But if I reload the website, the informations are gone and the fields are blank grey.

  4. Nihilecas says:

    I’m experiencing difficulties with saved NPCs. Apparently some of my NPCs were deleted or are missing from the list, even some which have been there for a long time.

  5. Vetinari says:

    Hello, I am trying to make Monsters in the 3.5 Version and when I click on a box to change the options it freezes the page.

  6. davismurphy says:

    Oracle spells per day does not seem to be calculating correctly. A 4th level Oracle should be able to case a base of 6 1st level and 3 2nd level, but the Oracle I just created only says Oth level and 1st level spells can be cast. Spells Known seems to be correct.

  7. krispyvarn says:

    Hey there. Paid user, but it’s not letting me create above level 5 still.

  8. davismurphy says:

    Some Oracle Mysteries and Curses that are listed in the SRD are not available in the database. Also, the feat Extra Revelation is not listed. Is it possible to add Extra Revelation Feat and Elemental IMbalance curse?

  9. davismurphy says:

    I create NPCs via two devices, a laptop and a smartphone. The NPCs I create on my laptop are visible on both devices. The NPCs I create on my smartphone are visible only when I log in through the smartphone. Any idea why this is the case?

    • admin says:

      NPCs are saved with 2 keys, one is a hidden key which is saved via a cookie on your computer, this is used if the user has not logged in, has not created a logon. The other is your login id. It looks as if you have created some NPCs on your PC without logging in (or maybe before you created a login id), so only your NPCs created after you signed in are visible on your phone. I’ve now added your logon id to these saves so you should now see them all.

  10. Izzean Grey says:

    Adding levels of a NPC class to an Ogre is not changing its CR for some reason.

    Any monster actually.

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