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  1. Nyanacide says:

    No clue how to post a new message. I’m sorry for replying like this. I wanted to know how to add a second psicrystal ability. When I look at the bottom of the sheet to see that after taking improved psicrystal I can’t pick a second personality for more bonuses. Is there a way to fix this?

  2. Gilladian says:

    Every time I try to create an NPC (half-orc fighter, L8 in this case), I alter his selected feats and hit recalculate – I am dumped out of my login, told I cannot create a character of that level, and that I’ve got too many feats, etc… for that character… HELP!!! (I’m using Safari on a Mac).

  3. ironfort says:

    On the 3.5 monster/template creator, how do I create a template like the undead that changes the creatures base hitdice as part of the template? Also How do I add unlisted special qualities and attacks (for example an insight bonus to armor class). Is there a way to change the monster type with the template feature?

    • admin says:

      Changing to undead and putting in zero CON score should default to D12s. You can add in a description for AC by using the AC Text special quality. You can also add subtypes into the special qualities.

  4. HighPie says:

    I got an error when converting an NPC to short text:
    Notice: Undefined variable: class2 in /srv/ on line 106

    It was a human aristocrat 3 / ranger 6 if that helps

  5. Deadredskittle says:

    Will there be anymore archtypes added? There are several missing per class that are all from core Pazio books that would be lovely to have so we don’t have to manually apply changes to the stat blocks

  6. dellax says:

    Can one make a split class NPC for PFRPG? (i.e. Aristocrat/Fighter, etc..)

  7. jow1099 says:

    Just curious, but do you have any plans to add the Artificer class to the pathfinder npc gen? Really love this tool! Well worth membership!

  8. mindlessmasses says:

    i have 4 npcs saved i am a lifetime member everytime i make a new npc its deleting one of my saved ones what do i do?

  9. Kenneth Dawson says:

    My membership isn’t letting me create NPC’s past 5th level, but it doesn’t run out for another three weeks.

    What’s going on?

  10. vengefulgnome26 says:

    having issues finding where to make a template. is there a setting in monster creator that im missing or is was this feature moved somewhere else?

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