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  1. antilles107 says:

    I am having an issue as of today where I log in just fine and can use most of the functions of the site, but when I go to “Pathfinder RPG NPC Generator” the site says I am “not logged in” and treats me as not logged in (for example, limited to 5 class levels). If I go back to any other function, I am still logged in and can use features without problem. The only problem comes when I try to make a Pathfinder set of stats.

  2. Carl Rising says:

    Hey, so I paid for a full membership a while back and I still can’t make NPC’s with character levels beyond level 5. Why is this? It’s kinda why I paid…

  3. cory chouinard says:

    Hello again..
    Figured it all out.. it was my add blocker.. sorry to bother you

  4. cory chouinard says:

    When im on the help menu im logged in..
    switch to rpg template.. logged out.. try logging in does not recognize my credentials..
    back to help.. im logged in?
    New membership..

  5. paperback2 says:

    is there a way to contact support? I lost access to my account.

  6. Natticus says:

    So, I don’t know if I’m just dense, but how does one print out a monster once created? I created a kind of slapdash creature to fit my storyline and pose a challenge to my slightly OP players, but now I don’t know how to print it. The NPCs can be printed easily enough, but I’m not seeing how with the monster.

  7. bcarroll says:

    Having trouble finding out how to leave a comment so adding it here. Dear Admin. Love this site. I use it all the time to generate monsters, treasure, encounters and NPCs for several ongoing 3.5 campaigns. Its a godsend. And thanks for adding the Half Ogre template at my request a number of months back. Greatly appreciated. Is there anyway a few more of the 3.5 classes could be added? I am thinking of Warlock in particular.

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