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How to Create a Template

After you have purchased a membership from Dingle’s Games you will be able to create your own monster and Templates.

Some notes on templates:
1. The Stats for a template are all based on an average of 11, so if you give 13 to Str this will add +2 (13 minus 11) to the Strength score of the base creature, 9 Chr will give -2 (9 minus 11) Charisma to the base creature.

2. If a Stat is set to 0 this will set the stat to zero on the base creature. This can be used when creating undead templates and setting the Con to 0.

3. Setting the Type to Undead will change the Hit Die (D8 for Pathfinder, (D12 for D&D 3.5).

4. Changing the Saving Throws will only effect levels attributed to the Template.

5.Reach is ignored in templates

6. Speeds are taken either from the base creature or the template whichever is greater.

7. Special Attacks and Special Qualities can be set up to only activate at certain HD using the Min HD and Max HD fields

8. Size is defined as the change from medium so +1 to a size catagory would be set to Large, -1 to size Catagory would be set to Small.



  1. Cedric_the_Saxon says:

    Sorry, I know this is obvious, but, I’ve added a few monsters (really easy to do, THANKS!) but I want to add a new template but can’t find WHERE to do that. Can you help..?

    • admin says:

      On the generator set the template field to template. Here is a link on templates

      • Cedric_the_Saxon says:

        Ah! I believe I was unclear. I have used Monster Creator (Add) [see link below] to add several monsters to my drop-down list on the generator, AND I’ve generated monsters with the available templates. NOW, I want to CREATE a new template (Werebat). I’m, immediately, at a loss as the size for a hybrid lycanthrope should remain the same. Could you, please, walk me through this..?

        • admin says:

          Set the size to medium, this will default the size to the base creature, setting it to large would increase the size of the base creature by 1.

          • Cedric_the_Saxon says:

            OK. I’ve added my werebat. For some reason it doesn’t default to the bite attack when I add the template to something standard. Not a big deal, but it’ll require fixing a generated creature.

            More importantly, though, the Shapechanger type isn’t in the drop down list.

          • admin says:

            Shapechanger is a subtype and is selected under special qualities.

          • Cedric_the_Saxon says:

            I’m trying to create a variant form, and I keep getting the prompt “Please fill in all fields” with no indication WHICH field(s) needs filling. It’s a template, so there’re lots of blanks, including alignment, as this should default to the base creature’s

          • admin says:

            It should indicate which fields are missing at the top of the page before the prompt. e.g. mon_cr these are field names but they are just the name prefixed by mon_

  2. RockZombie says:

    Hi – I am trying to create a template based on the corrupted template from book of vile darkness, but I can’t figure out how to have the template increase the damage dealt by natural attacks. Is this possible with your system?

  3. dragot7 says:

    Thanks, I went through a bit more, and i’m more accustomed to it now. It’s a pretty good generator overall; makes my life easier in a lot of ways!

    I look forward to seeing it grow in the future. Thanks for your quick response as usual! Great stuff.

  4. admin says:

    Hi dragot7,
    There are some default special attacks under Other (XXX) where the save DC ability is the XXX. E.g. Other (STR), You can then add in your own description of the special attacks. Only the most common special attacks and qualities have default descriptions attached to them. A list of these can be found on
    The only change to HD.BAB and saves occurs if the template is undead. Any other changed to HD I have coded around the name. e.g. half-dragon, foo creacture

  5. dragot7 says:

    Is it possible for a template to change the typing of the creature. I’m interested in a template that changes the creature’s type entirely; looking for a change in HD, BAB, and SAVES. But so far it seems anything I apply the template to simply is placed onto the creature, so i’m creating animal outsiders, when all i want is an outsider.

  6. dragot7 says:

    Hello, i wanted to ask a few questions on the monster/template creator.

    When you have a creature with a Special Quality or Attack, you normally show a description with this. Is there a way to reference these descriptions easily so that creation is more straight forward?

    Also, is there a way to create our own Special Qualities and attacks as to implement a creature that may not share previously existing ones.

    I ask because i’m trying to create a template with an ability that i’m not sure exists. Having either one of these options will help me move forward.

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