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The Special Squad (D&D 3.5 CR 13)
The Special Squad are a team of specialized wizards who work for the wizards guild on projects, where a wizards magical abilities alone are not enough to complete the job.
The squad consists of
Ruthellia Firestrike (Half-Elven Mystic Theurge D&D 3.5 CR 10)
Roland “The Rat” (Human Rogue/Wizard D&D 3.5 CR 10)
Torrig Swiftblade (Human Fighter/Wizard D&D 3.5 CR 10 )
Beth Catswhisper (Elf Druid/Wizard D&D 3.5 CR 11 )
Arnie (Tiger Animal Companion D&D 3.5 CR 4)
Harald Hardblast “The Special Squad” (Human Wizard D&D 3.5 CR 11 )
Silron Silvertongue (Half-Elf Wizard/Bard D&D 3.5 CR 10 )

Ruthellia is the leader of the group, she and Silron will do most of the talking, at times she will use her disguise skill to get into difficult places.
Roland is the scout,trap, and covert entry expert .
Torrig is the front rank fighter.
Beth and Arnie can scout when outdoors and will join Torrig up front in a fight.
Harold is the parties escape rout, he is the only member able to cast teleport, he is also has the weakest defense but can dish out a lot of damaging spells.
Silron is the groups main information gatherer and diplomat, in a battle though, He will stand off and buff/cure his friends.

The Special Squad are not killers and will not murder out of hand. However, they will commit assassinations on behalf of the mages guild.

Possible Adventure Hooks
1. The party and The Special Squad may be hunting the same item.

2. The Party have an item that the Special Squad want.

3. The Special Squad have been tasked to destabilize the city to bring in a more friendly ruling government.

4. The Special Squad may be tasked to covertly help the party with a mission, as the wizards guild do not want to appear to help.

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