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NPC 43

“The Tigers Claw Gang” (Pathfinder Encounter Level 6)
The gang:
Rantak Leader of the gang Orc Barbarian CR4
Ripper Rantak’s pet tiger CR5
Nursey Orc Adept CR 3
Sniveler the Sneak Orc Rogue Pathfinder CR 4
Gorat and Goran Orc Warriors CR 4

The Tigers Claw is a bandit band consisting of five orcs led by Rantak, and Rantak’s pet a large tiger called Ripper.  The gang members are not nice characters, making there living robbing and murdering bands or travelers.

Their base is a cave hidden in the Great Forest, which is not easy to find or sneak up on, being hidden from view by foliage and normally has the Tiger “Ripper” sleeping in, or prowling around the  entrance way.

The Tigers Claw have four different ambush positions they prefer to use when robbing merchants in the forest. They will typically make one robbery a week, always killing the victims. They will rotate through the ambush positions always keeping to the same order.
1. The Heavily wooded area of the road.
2. The Bridge over the stream.
3. The path through the cliffs.
4. The Camp site surrounded by long grass.

There is a 2000gp reward for the capture or killing of the gang, the only problem is that there are no descriptions of any of the members, All the guard know is that there are between 4 to 6 members and a large animal probably a  cat like creature.

There are a number of different ways to encounter the gang e.g.
The Party are guards to a merchant caravan and get ambushed by the gang.
The Party after the reward find out that the gang only use 4 ambush sites and lay there own ambush.
The Party Track the gang back to their cave after The Tigers Claw have committed an attack.

The Tigers claw Gang have loot stored in the cave, at the moment this consists of
3 x minor items
Potion of Darkvision, Wand of False life, and Boots of Winterlands they are planning to sell these and split the money.
200gp and gems, carnelian (30gp), moonstone (50gp), jet (110gp), pink pearl (110gp) worth a total of 300pg

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