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NPC 42

Gorat and Goran “The Tigers Claw Gang”  (Orc Warriors Pathfinder CR 4)

Gorat and Goran are twin brothers, they are both experienced warriors and have developed a mental sync in combat each seeming to know where his brother is and what he is about to do. When fighting together against the same opponent they use there Team feats gaining +1d6 damage and +4 bonus when flanking.

The twins have grown to be weary of the Tiger “Ripper”
so have taken some animal handling skills to keep on the beasts good side. This also gives them an advantage rustling cattle or horses.

The only things the twins care about are each other. They don’t give a swat about anyone else. They will only risk their life for the other twin. If a fight goes bad both will simultaneously make a run for it.

Name Gorat and Goran

Orc CR 3
XP 800
Chaotic Evil Medium Humanoid
Warrior level 6 (skill points 6) Heavy Foot
Init +1; Senses Darkvision 60; Perception -1


AC 18.01, Touch 11, flat footed 17 (Masterwork Banded mail, +0 Shield, none)
(+1 Dex, +7 armour)
hp 45 (0d8+6d10+6+6);
Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +0
Sensitivity to Light dazzled in bright sunlight


Speed 20
Single Attack(+1/+0) Falchion +10 (2d4+4/18-20)
or Javelin +7 (1d6+3)
Full Attack
(+1/+0) Falchion +10/5 (2d4+4/18-20)
or Javelin +7/2 (1d6+3) range 30
Space 5ft.; Reach 5ft.
Special Attacks


Str 16, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 9, Wis 6, Chr 7
Base Attack 6 CMB 9; CMD 20
Animal Affinity: +2 Handle Animal +2 Ride,
Armour Prof Heavy,
Armour Prof Light,
Armour Prof Medium,
Martial Weap Prof,
Outflank (Team): Gain +4 bonus on attack rolls when flanking.,
Precise Strike ( Team): Deal +1d6 points of precision damage with melee attacks.,
Shield Proficiency: Can use shields,
Simple Weapon Proficiency,
Tower Shield Proficiency: Can use the tower shield and suffer only normal shield skill penalties
Skills Climb 4, Craft -2, Handle Animal 5, Intimidate 2, Perception -1, Profession -2, Ride 3, Swim -7
Languages Common, Orc


Environment Temperate hills
Organization Squad 11-20, Gang 2-4, Band 30-100
Treasure Standard


Ferocity Can continue to fight when below 0 hps, staggered dies at -ve Con

MAGIC ITEMS (max value 780)

Masterwork Banded mail (150gp)
Potion of Cure light wounds – (50gp)
Potion of Cure light wounds – (50gp)
Masterwork Falchion (300gp)

Total Value = 550

  1. Joe K. says:

    Nice. I like to see some characters that have some heart. This is a great contribution to the web, and a really great way to build up your Twitter following! 🙂

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