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  1. cwkampe says:

    You were right, my apologies. For your gelatinous cube, it looks like you’ve got slam damage but not acid damage (i.e. 1d6 +1d6 acid)

  2. cwkampe says:

    Found a small issue with Young Template (Pathfinder). I think that if a medium creature becomes small, its speed gets reduced by 10ft. I could be wrong about this rule.

  3. cwkampe says:

    I caught a weird little error. If it matters, I don’t think I was logged in when it happened.

    I created a non-elite Rakshasa that was demon possessed (succubus). Under special abilities I got this text.

    “Caster level equals succubus possessed creature’s character level. The save DCs are Charisma-based.”

    It looks like the apostrophe is getting mangled.

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