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Pathfinder RPG NPC Generator

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  1. irelandm says:

    I guess I was looking for the +2 to appear in the Misc. Bonus for Perception (like it does for Gnomes). It only appears to me as a note. Am I missing something here?

  2. irelandm says:

    Thanks, that works for me. As I say, by playing around a bit I am figuring it out. There is another thing that came up. I want to give my new monster Keen Senses with the +2 Perception (like a Gnome). I enter Keen Senses as a Special Ability but the generator does not credit the monster’s perception with the +2. I can ‘mcgyver’ it by giving the monster an extra 2 skill ranks in Perception but is there another way to get that +2 to appear as it does for Gnomes?

  3. irelandm says:

    Could you add Stonebow as a simple range weapon, thanks

  4. irelandm says:

    Sorry, ignore the previous comment. The +4 stealth bonus for small size is working now. Didn’t seem to at first but I fiddled with the monster creator skills and finally got it working. I will say the two monster creator skill tables confuse me (do I fill in the skills twice?) An expanded help topic on those two tables with examples would be helpful.

    • admin says:

      Hi irelandm, there are 2 ways of adding skills in the generator when adding a new monster. The first is adding the skills as they appear in the monster manual i.e not skill ranks but the calculated skill, this is the default. This can be changed to skill ranks from a drop-down selection box, this is what you’ll want if you are creating a monster from scratch.

  5. KirikaOkazaki says:

    Just want to say Dingle games is an amazing service. I wouldn’t be able to continue running the absurdity that is epic levels without the ability to quickly generate high level adversaries!

  6. Lukas Müller says:

    Hey, love the site and I use it regularly for my NPCs! Would it be possible to include the Blighted Fey Template? I’m planning Questline around that whole concept and I’d love to be able to use the Generator for this purpose.

  7. dudehey04 says:

    So adding in archetypes would be great. it doesnt give that option

  8. irelandm says:

    Thank you, and I appreciate the addition of the D20SRD print stat block. Works for me.

  9. irelandm says:

    Hello, I was wondering, is it possible, for Pathfinder spell caster NPCs, to add the Spell Level (spells/day) table (seen on the main edit page) to the Plain Text Version display?

  10. mbrittin633 says:

    Thanks for your work, and I’m sure I’m not the only one to ask for the kineticist or mentalist.
    I know your time is precious and valuable, so I’m just throwing my support behind those classes as your next project.
    Thanks again!

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