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Work Done, To Do List, and Requests

I have added a new page to Dingle’s Games “What’s New and Request” (See menu top left) this will display all new changes to the generator. New requests can be added here and I’ll add them to the to do list.

What’s New and Request

  1. darkzumi says:

    I don’t know if anyone noticed, but a lot of the races that require a class and level are coming up with their CR too high (or rarely too low) when you apply the Half-Dragon and Half-Celestial template to them. For example a half-celestial half-giant 1st level warrior came up as CR 3.5 (or CR 4 on Plain Text Version screen) when it should only be CR 2 per the rules of the half-celestial template. Anyone else having problems with the CR being miscalculated?

  2. admin says:

    Hi darkzumi, I’ve changed the celestial template to default to +1 CR and add +1 CR to the text at level 6+ HD and +2 at level 11+ HD.
    Let me know if you find any more.

  3. darkzumi says:

    Half-Dragon 3.5 template is giving fly speed to Medium and smaller creatures, when only Large or bigger creatures should be gaining a fly speed per the template’s rules. Anyone else seeing this?

  4. admin says:

    Hi Thanks for reporting I’ve done a fix for the 3.5 Half-dragon template, let me know if you find any problems.

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