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Purchasing Dingles Games Membership From Google

A number of people have been having problems when trying to activate there memberships after purchasing through the google checkout.
Here is a walk through of what to do:

When google okay’s the transaction they will send you a confirmation E-mail.
There should be a link on this email saying
“how do i check on my order”,
clicking this link will send you to the google checkout receipt screen, here you will find a link:
“Click here to retrieve your purchase”
clicking on this link will send you to the dingles games login screen.
here just login to your account (or create an account) to activate the membership (NB this is only active for six days)

If you have any problems, or if the six days has expired, don’t hesitate to contact me at: and I will set you up manually.


  1. jgreicha says:

    I purchased a six months membership but when i used the paypal route and it went to PDS Nottingham i am just wondering if it was suppose to go there.

  2. Zell Santal says:

    Hey what’s up, I have a question about your life time deal, is it only one time $40 or is it more yearly?

  3. melvill says:

    Hi admin Im bac luv the site I’m running a campaign again and need to use the site but it’s not letting me get full access to the site my membership had expired but I wana sign bac up its not showing the sign up for payment post!?

  4. admin says:

    Hi acidblue, I’ve sent you an email

  5. acidblue.mc1 says:

    i can not access my 1st account i have payed for a lifetime membership and i have tryed to change my password it is not sending an email please help

  6. admin says:

    Hi avatarbr Your lifetime membership is active if you are having problems please read this link

  7. avatarbr says:

    Hi i buy the lifetime membership and criate my login here… When my npc generator is liberated?

  8. admin says:

    Hi Glibouche
    Just follow the link on the “Click here to retrieve your purchase” and then login as Glibouche

  9. Glibouche says:

    I have paid for a 3 months membership. How do i go to link it to my existing account?

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