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NPC a Day

I’ve decided to publish an NPC a Day and twitter it you can follow me on “NPCaDay”.
I may begin to Dry up on Ideas so if you could give me some ideas and a bit of a background I’ll set the best NPC ideas up and publish it with a thanks to you.


  1. admin says:

    Hi Zap284,
    I’ve been doing some work on the zombie template for D&D 3.5 generator. I think it’s working now. I’ve created templates for each size of creature.

  2. zap284 says:

    wow, nice work ๐Ÿ˜€ ive gone over everything and done some research and everything seems good except for 2 things… first, for clarity you may want to make zombies in the monster list say “zombie (humanoid)” instead of “zombie”, it would make things much clearer, but thats minor and opinionated. anyways, the real problem is the monster zombies in the non-pathfinder monster generator, for example, a grey render zombie. the correct hit dice is this “20d12+3.” the 20d12s because he has 10d12 racial hd, doubled because of the zombie template, and +3 for the toughness he gets. you have this “10d12+2d12++3” 10d12 for his racial hd, which should be doubled. 2d12 for being a zombie?… that shouldnt be there unless you made it custom, and +3 for toughness. thats like a 50 hp difference and totally screws any DMs who dont notice… what you need to do is code it so that it subtracts class hit dice then doubles the rest. (not that class levels were used in my example). yes, i realize the pathfinder zombies are good, and the humanoid zombies are good, but the monster zombies in the non-pathfinder generator are not. sorry im being so annoying, it just seems like a major flaw.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Zap284,
    I’ve now created a zombie template for each size category on the pathfinder generator. So to create a Zombie Ogre select ogre and zombie template (Large). If you are creating Humanoid Zombies you can now select the the monster type and 1 level of class and the zombie template (small or med)and it should work out correctly. E.g. an Orc Fighter level 1 zombie template (small or med)

  4. admin says:

    Hi Zap284,
    The Zombie template is a bit broken on pathfinder.
    Instead select the monster zombie with NO CLASSES. It will create a 2 HD Monster. But you can then update the racial hit dice to create any size/hd of zombie. I’ve changed the zombie monster to D8 hit dice. It looks as if wasn’t converted to pathfinder.
    I’ll be working on the Zombie template for pathfinder over the next few days so it should be fixed soon.

  5. zap284 says:

    ok, most of that made sense. so i switched to the regular npc generator and made a level 1 zombie warrior and came out with this, 2d12+1d12++3. if i understood you correctly, the 2d12’s were for the zombie? zombies dont have racial hit die… and the 1d12 should be doubled. it says in the monster manual, they have no racial hit die, and to drop any class levels to a min of 1 and double that.

  6. zap284 says:

    i LOVE your site, but i dont quite understand the hit dice for the zombie template, i had made a 1st level dwarf warrior zombie in the pathfinder npc generator and his hit dice seemed off… what the generator had was: 0d8+2d8+1d10+1+3… the 0d8 for no racial hit dice, 2 d8 for the dropped class levels, min of 0, doubled, 1d10 for some reason i dont know, +1 for another unknown reason, and +3 for toughness… first off, the zombie hit dice is modified to d12’s, you still have them set as d8’s. second, i have on idea why that 1d10 and the +1 are on there. third, thoughness in pathfinder is +4, not +3.

    if you could explain or fix these issues thatd be great, im kinda making a huge dungeon that has over 20 zombie types and i dont wanna do them by hand. again, i LOVE your site, great work

    • admin says:

      Hi zap284,
      The zombie template was created for zombie monsters, If you want human type zombies use the zombie from the monster list and just update the hit dice.
      For the Stats +2d8 was for the zombie, +1d10 for the warrior class, +1 probably for CHR hit point bonus, pathfinder uses CHR as hp bonus for undead, and +3 for toughness (Pathfinder rules +3 at first level or hit die then +1 for every level or hit die above 3). Pathfinder uses D8s for undead HD not D12s
      If you wanted intelligent zombies with class stats you can use the zombie template and then change the intelligence from zero this will allow zombies with skills and feats.
      I am revisiting the templates at the moment so will be looking at the zombie template, it does need some work.

  7. J_furlong says:

    Would adding more classes give a bit of longevity to the NPC a day ideas? I’d very much like to see Favoured Soul as a class for the NPC generator, and theres some others out there that’d make great additions. I dont know if its possible for legal reasons and such things, but perhaps a similar custom class of your own under a different name?

    • admin says:

      Hi J_furlong,
      I will be adding in more classes for the Pathfinder, but not for D&D 3.5 because of the legal problems. I’ll only be creating NPCs that I can create using the generators. I may add in new classes of my own in the future though.
      At the moment I’m adding in the Psion and Psychic Warrior to the Pathfinder Generator.

  8. admin says:

    I’ve just made an Inquisitor on NPCaDay

  9. number6 says:

    Not that I’m following the NPC a day but thank you so much for putting in Pathfinder APG classes ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m in heaven as I wanted to make some Cavaliers and Inquisitors for the future ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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