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End of Free Use

I’ve now ended the free full access to the site. You will now only get free access up to level 5 in one class.

Free For a Week

As the Olympics has now come to an end we can spend more time designing adventures. To help DM’s catch up Dingle’s Games is offering free full access for the next week for the Pathfinder RPG NPC Generator and the D&D 3.5 NPC Generator . You will be able to create NPC’s of any race up to 20th level with up to 3 classes. To access the levels you will need to register which is free

Monster Race Bonus Skills and Future Ammendments

I am currently working on separating monster race bonus skills from their skill ranks and adding them as a misc bonus. This will allow monsters with race bonuses to break the skill cap. At the moment the generator does not allow skills to break the cap.
I will hopefully have this amendment working in the next week.
If anyone has any other requirements they want me to look into let me know.
My current priorities are:
1. Monster Race Skills and free Feats. (Race Skills for pathfinder are now complete and appear as a misc bonus)
2. Auto Generations of magic treasure for NPCs
3. Look into creating gangs of statted monsters e.g. Orc village, Town watch, Gang of Ogres
4. Adding a PC Generator with ability to level up.

Number 3 may be a bit difficult, so if any one has any ideas on how this will work please let me know.

Pathfinder Finder Encounter Generator

I’ve just added the Pathfinder RPG Encounter Generator it contains hundreds of fully statted NPC’s and Monsters.
If anyone finds any problems let me know

Bestiary 2 Pathfinder

I have now started adding in monsters from the Bestiary 2 into the Pathfinder NPC Generator.

Duelist and Eldritch Knight

I have just added the Duelist and Eldritch Knight Prestige classes to the D&D 3.5 NPC Generator. If anyone finds any problems let me know

Site will be down for some time on Tuesday 6th March

Just a warning that this site will be down for up to an hour on the 6th of march for migration to a new box.

Magus Class

The Magus Class should now be working in the Pathfinder RPG NPC Generator, if any one finds any problems let me know

Site Update

I have now finished a site update which allows the updating of skills, and better management of attributes for the D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder RPG NPC Generators. I’ve also changed the look of the site a bit.
I am now going to be concentrating on adding more classes and archetypes to the Pathfinder RPG Generator.
If anyone has any suggestions for site upgrades please let me know.

Alchemist Class

I have now added the Alchemist class in to the Pathfinder RPG NPC Generator. If anyone finds any problems let me know.