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Sergeant Ratrok “Sgt Axe” “The Black Princess”  (Kobold Fighter/Pirate Pathfinder CR 7)

Sergeant Ratrok is the leader of the marines on board the pirate ship “The Black Princess”. He is a fearsome fighter, favoring axes over other weapons, axes can be very useful on board ships, hacking ropes as well as men.  As well as his magical Battle axe he has a brace of Masterwork throwing axes which he will use just before he boards an enemy vessel.

For a kobold Sgt Ratrok is big and strong, he uses his strength intimidate and bully his marines into an efficient fighting force, they are more afraid of Sgt Axe than of any enemy they might meet.  Sgt Ratrok has taught the marines swarm tactics where multiple marines attack a target until they are bought down, before going to the next. Every marine attacking the same target and  flanking  gets +1d6 damage for the  Precise Strike ( Team)  feat.

Before combat Sgt Ratrok will be given a Bulls Strength and Bless by the Shaman Kottak

Name Sergeant Ratrok “Sgt Axe”
Kobold CR 7
XP 3200
Lawful Evil Small Humanoid
Fighter level 6 (skill points 18) Heavy Foot
Expert level 1 (skill points 7) Pirate
Init +2; Senses Darkvision 60; Perception +2


AC 20, Touch 14, flat footed 17 (+1 Chain Shirt, +0 Shield, none)
(+2 Dex, +1 Natural, +1 size, +5 armour, +1 feats)
hp 50 (0d8+6d10+1d8+7+6);
Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +6
Sensitivity to light dazzled in bright sunlight


Speed 35
Single Attack(+1/+1) Greataxe +15 (1d10+10 X3)
or (+1/+0) Axe, Throwing (thrown) +11 (1d4+4)
Full Attack
(+1/+1) Greataxe +15/10 (1d10+10 X3)
or (+1/+0) Axe, Throwing (thrown) +11 (1d4+4) range 10
Space 5ft.; Reach 5ft.
Special Attacks
Weapon Training become proficient in a weapon group 1


Str 14 + 4 = 18, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 11, Chr 9
Base Attack 6 CMB 7; CMD 21
Agile Maneuvers: Use DEX bonus when calculating CMB,
Dodge: add 1 to AC ,
Lunge: -2 to AC for 5ft extra reach,
Weapon Focus: +1 to attack rolls,
Armour Prof Heavy,
Armour Prof Light,
Armour Prof Medium,
Fleet: Base speed + 5 feet,
Iron Will: +2 on will saves,
Martial Weap Prof,
Precise Strike ( Team): Deal +1d6 points of precision damage with melee attacks when flanking,
Shield Proficiency: Can use shields,
Simple Weapon Proficiency,
Tower Shield Proficiency: Can use the tower shield and suffer only normal shield skill penalties,
Weapon Specialization: +2 to damage rolls
Skills Appraise 1, Bluff -1, Climb 14, Craft Wood Working 4, Handle Animal -1, Intimidate 9, Know Arch & Eng 5, Know Dungeon 5, Know Geography 1, Perception 4,  Profession Sailor 9, Ride 2, Sense Motive 0, Stealth 8, Survival 4, Swim 8
Languages Draconic


Environment Temperate forests
Organization Band 10-100, Gang 4-9, Tribe 40-400
Treasure Scrolls


Armour Training reduced armour check penalty and increases dex bonus by 1
Bravery Save vrs fear + 2
Buffing spells pre-cast:
Bulls Strength caster level 5
Bless caster level 5

MAGIC ITEMS (max value 3450)

+1 Chain Shirt (1000gp)
Potion of Cure moderate wounds – (300gp)
Potion of Cure light wounds – (50gp)
Potion of Jump – (50gp)
Potion of Remove fear – (50gp)
+1 Greataxe (2000gp)
Masterwork Axe, Throwing (thrown) (300gp)

Total Value = 3750

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