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NPC 88

Name Garroth the Brawler, The Trickster Gang (Cad Fighter/Thug Rogue Pathfinder CR 6)

Garroth is rather clever for a half-orc but he tries to disguise this and so does not speak much when in company.  He is rather scruffy with a broken nose and cauliflower ears. Garroth is part of the trickster gang which also consists of a bard (Derick) and a thief (Ruth), they work together to fleece customers. Derick the Bard will use his skills to distract the crowd, Ruth the thief will then start pick pocketing the crowd while Garroth keeps an eye on the crowd around Ruth, if someone notices her misdeeds Garroth will then on some prefix start a brawl, while Ruth and Derick make there escape.

Garroth is careful to use subduel damage he does not want a murderer charge around his head.  He will use his disarm skill if an opponent starts lethal combat. If fighting in a Bar he likes to use the furniture as improvised weapons.

Garroth the Brawler

Half-Orc CR 6
XP 2400
Chaotic Neutral Medium Humanoid
Fighter level 5 (skill points 20) Cad
(Cad )
Rogue level 2 (skill points 20) Acrobat
Init +2; Senses Darkvision 60; Perception +9


AC 17, Touch 13, flat footed 14 (+1 Studded Leather, +0 Shield, none)
(+2 Dex, +4 armour, +1 feats)
hp 48 (0d8+5d10+2d8+7+5);
Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +0


Speed 30
Single Attack Sap +10 (1d6+6)
Full Attack
Sap +10/5 (1d6+6)
Space 5ft.; Reach 5ft.
Special Attacks
Dirty Maneuvers (Ex) Skilled at deceiving and discomfiting his opponents. The cad gains a bonus on disarm, dirty trick, and steal combat maneuver checks. The cad also gains a bonus to CMD when attacked with the disarm, dirty trick, and steal combat maneuvers. Bonus = 1
Payback (Ex) Gains a bonus on attack and damage rolls against any creature that has attacked the cad since the beginning of his last turn. Bonus = 1
Sneak Attack Sneak attack at an extra (D6) 1


Str 16, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 8, Chr 9
Base Attack 6 CMB 9; CMD 21
Combat Expertise: You can choose to take a -1 penalty on melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +1 dodge bonus to your AC. Every +4 base attack penalty increase by -1 and dodge by +1 ,
Dodge: add 1 to AC ,
Improved Disarm: +2 to Disarm attempts CM and CMD no attacks of opportunity,
Intimidating Prowess: Add Str mod to chr mod for intimidation check,
Armour Prof Light,
Catch off Guard: No penalties for improvised melee weapons. Unarmed opponents are flat-footed against any attacks you make with an improvised melee weapon.,
Evasion: No damage on reflex save,
Improved Dirty Trick: do not provoke an attack of opportunity when performing a dirty trick combat maneuver. +2 bonus on checks made to attempt a dirty trick. +2 bonus to your CMD when an opponent tries a dirty trick on you.,
Martial Weap Prof,
Power Attack: You can choose to take a -1 penalty on all melee attacks and combat maneuver checks to gain a +2 bonus on all melee damage rolls. Every +4 base atack penalty increases by -1 and damage by +2,
Shield Proficiency: Can use shields,
Simple Weapon Proficiency,
Weapon Focus: +1 to attack rolls,
Weapon Specialization: +2 to damage rolls
Skills Acrobatics 12, Appraise 6, Bluff 6, Climb 10, Diplomacy -1, Disable Device 5, Disguise 3, Escape Artist 11, Intimidate 9, Know Dungeon 2, Know Local 6, Linguistics 6, Perception 9, Ride 2, Sense Motive 4, Sleight of Hand 6, Stealth 10, Swim 3, Use Magic Device 3
Languages Common, Orc


Environment Any
Organization Group 2-5
Treasure Standard


Catch Off-Guard Gain Feat
Evasion Reflex save no damage instead of 1/2
Frightening-1 (Ex) If Intimidates to demoralize, duration of shaken is increased by 1 round.
Frightening-2 (Ex) If shaken for 4 or more rnds, can frighten for 1 rnd instead

MAGIC ITEMS (max value 3450)

+1 Studded Leather (1000gp)
Slick : +5 competence bonus on Escape Artist (3750gp)

Total Value = 4750

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