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NPC a Day

I plan to add a new NPC most days to this Page.

All NPC’s will be created using the Dinglesgames D&D 3.5 NPC or Pathfinder NPC Generators sometimes having their skills slightly tweaked.

Charist the Gargoyle Archer (CR 12 D&D 3.5)

Bagor Hammerfist Dwarven Fighter/Barkeep (CR 7 Pathfinder)

Emma ‘Long Legs’ Langer Bard/Thief/Shadow Dancer (CR 13 D&D3.5)

Harriette The Good Witch (CR12 Pathfinder)

Anthos the Hungry, Minotaur (CR 8 D&D 3.5)

Gharis the Pretty, Ogre Mage (Pathfinder CR15)

Sunny, Vampire (D&D 3.5 CR 16)

Lord Orisis, Mummy Monk 9 (CR 14 Pathfinder)

Slosh, Lizardfolk Fighter/Thief (CR 7 D&D 3.5)

Gnakon blood-feast Half-Ogre Fighter (CR 6 Pathfinder)

Trickle, Water Naga (CR 16 D&D 3.5)

Gertrude Cook, Troll, expert (Pathfinder CR 8 )

Filo Fleetfoot, Halfling Rogue (D&D 3.5 CR 4)

Xoran the Relentless , Inquisitor (Pathfinder CR 7 )

Prince William (CR 12 D&D 3.5)

Katherine Duchess of High-haven (CR 10 Pahtfinder)

Haukal the Mad Mage (D&D 3.5 CR 7)

King Monkey

Gertrude the Gorgeous (Troll bard D&D 3.5 CR 11 )

Tripitaka (Cleric/Expert Librarian Pathfinder CR 5)

Garrank the Angry (Troll, Barbarian D&D 3.5 CR 11 )

Arrisia  (Druid Nymph Pathfinder CR 17)

“Whitey”,  Fiendish Rhinoceros (D&D 3.5 CR 10)

Gyros the Chosen (Centaur Ranger, Pathfinder CR 17)

Taros the Mad (Lich Wizard D&D 3.5 CR 19)

Lord William D’Loupe (Fighter/Aristocrat Pathfinder CR 14)

Dillon (Wizard/Fiendish Monstrous Spider D&D 3.5  CR18)

Dead Eye Klod (Kobold, Fighter/Pirate Pathfinder CR 7)

Thomas “Smiley” Thornfoot (Halfling, Rogue/Expert Forger D&D 3.5 CR7 )

Bog the Basher (Half-Orc Fighter/Thief Pathfinder CR 3)

Slippery Sue (Half-elf rogue D&D 3.5 CR 4 )

Old Rocky (Fiendish Dire Crocodile Pathfinder CR 15 )

Albert “the Quick” (Human Werecat Rogue/Fighter D&D 3.5 CR 9 )

Sarina (Succubus, Bard Pathfinder CR17 )

The Giant Ginger Tom (Human Werecat Rogue/Thief D&D 3.5 CR9 )

Drucas the Deathgiver (Drow Antipaladin Pathfinder CR 14)

Golden Harold the Crazy Doomsayer (Half-Celestial Half-Orc Cleric D&D 3.5 CR 14)

“The Tigers Claw Gang” Rantak (Orc Barbarian Pathfinder CR4)

“The Tigers Claw Gang” Ripper  (Tiger Pathfinder CR 5 )

“The Tigers Claw Gang” Nursey (Orc Adept Pathfinder CR3 )

“The Tigers Claw Gang” Sniveler the Sneak (Orc Rogue Pathfinder CR 4 )

“The Tigers Claw Gang” Gorat and Goran (Orc Warriors Pathfinder CR 3)

“The Tigers Claw Gang” (Pathfinder Encounter Level 6-7)

“The Vengeance Squad” Velthor (Goblin Sorcerer D&D 3.5 CR 14)

“The Vengeance Squad” Dead Eye Dillok  (Goblin Fighter D&D 3.5 CR 12 )

“The Vengeance Squad” Tolog “Spikey” (Hobgoblin Fighter D&D 3.5 CR 12 )

“The Vengeance Squad” Haruck “Hook” (Hobgoglin Ranger/Assassin D&D 3.5 CR 12 )

The Vengeance Squad (D&D 3.5 CR 15)

Kottak “The Black Princess” (Kobold Adept/Pirate Pathfinder CR 6 )

Monkit “Rig Monkey” “The Black Princess” (Kobold Rogue/Pirate Pathfinder CR 7 )

Sergeant Ratrok “Sgt Axe” “The Black Princess”  (Kobold Fighter/Pirate Pathfinder CR 7)

Marines *16 “The Black Princess” (Kobold Warrior Pathfinder CR 6 )

“The Black Princess” (Pirate Ship Pathfinder CR 9)

Ruthellia Firestrike “The Special Squad” (Half-Elven Mystic Theurge D&D 3.5 CR 10)

Roland “The Rat” “The Special Squad” (Human Rogue/Wizard D&D 3.5 CR 10)

Torrig Swiftblade “The Special Squad” (Human Fighter/Wizard D&D 3.5 CR 10 )

Beth Catswhisper “The Special Squad” (Elf Druid/Wizard D&D 3.5 CR 11 )

Arnie  “The Special Squad” (Tiger Animal Companion D&D 3.5 CR 4)

Harald Hardblast “The Special Squad” (Human Wizard D&D 3.5 CR 11 )

Silron Silvertongue “The Special Squad” (Wizard/Bard D&D 3.5 CR 10 )

The Special Squad (D&D 3.5 CR 13)

The Abbey Entrance, two huge Chimera (pathfinder CR 13)

Animated Sphere in Abbey Courtyard (Animated Object Pathfinder CR 10)

Naaghast Nightwing, The Bell Tower of the Abbey (Nightshade, Nightwing Pathfinder CR14 )

Shadows (advanced) * 20 Abbey Hallway (Shadows Pathfinder CR 9)

Killray, Abbey back of hall (Human Sorcerer Dread Shadow Pathfinder CR 14)

High Priest Horius Abbey Crypt room 1 (Mummy Cleric Pathfinder CR 15)

Skeletal Knights * 4. Abbey Crypt room 2 (Half-Ogre Skeletal Fighter Pathfinder CR 14)

Mohrg. Abbey Crypt room 2 (Mohrg, Advanced Pathfinder XR 12)

Brother Nathal Breakneck, Abbey crypt room 3 (Mummy Monk Pathfinder CR 15 )

Dread Bones. Abbey Crypt room 4 (Bone devil Rogue Pathfinder CR 15 )

Father Simon. Abbey Library (Human Ghost Monk Pathfinder CR 16)

King Augustine the Golden (Half-Elf/Half-Dragon (Golden) Fighter/Aristocrat D&D 3.5 CR 23)

Queen Algraine the Alluring (Human Sorcerer/Aristocratic D&D 3.5 CR 21 )

Gallos the Fool (Half-Elf Bard/Rogue/Assassin D&D 3.5 CR 24)

Grishad King of the Tramps (Half-Orc Rogue/Expert D&D 3.5 CR 16 )

Echidna , High Priestess of Nerull (Medusa Cleric D&D 3.5 CR 22 )

Erwin Balgitt (Halfling Rogue/Fighter/Assassin D&D 3.5 CR 11 )

Jarvis the Tramp (Human Sorcerer D&D 3.5 CR 15)

The Singing Mermaid, Randolf the Barkeep (Expert Smuggler/Barkeep Pathfinder CR 6)

The Singing Mermaid, John White the Singing Sailor (Bard/Expert Sea Capt Pathfinder CR 8 )

Deaths Head Island, Gornask Man Slayer (Lizardfolk Ranger Pathfinder CR 10 )

Deaths Head Island Nagstock the Fat (Lizardfolk Witch Pathfinder CR 9 )

Death Head Island Gawk (Ghast Rogue Pathfinder CR 10)

Alfred Namwocket (Gnome Alchemist Pathfinder CR 14)

The Honorable Mr Torrin Wisemouth (Half-elf Cleric/Aristocrat Judge D&D 3.5 CR 7)

Thogrin Blackaxe (Deep Walker Ranger Pathfinder CR 10 )

Garroth the Brawler, The Trickster Gang(Cad Fighter/Thug Rogue Pathfinder CR 6))

Ruth Tenderfoot, The Trickster Gang (Cutpurse Rogue Pathfinder CR 6 )

Derick Sweetsong. The Trickster Gang (Street Performer Bard Pathfinder CR 7 )

Atrossa the Terrible (Sea Hag Sorcerer 4, Pathfinder CR 8 )

Drakina the Shadow (Drow Vampire Cleric/Thief Pathfinder CR 17 )

Harold Huntsman Captain of the City Guard (Urban Ranger Pathfinder CR 10)

Wild Will Young (Aasimar Gunslinger level 10 Pathfinder CR 10)

  1. glunk71 says:

    Hey Paul,

    Love the site. Makes NPC & monster gen so simple.

    Thumbs up!

  2. admin says:

    Hi kevin video,
    I’m an old fashioned DM so most of my creations are monster and Races which were in the original AD&D monster manual. I’ll look into adding an aasimar and tiefling though.

  3. kevin video says:

    Out of all the npcs I’m seeing here, I’m surprised to not see an aasimar or tiefling.

  4. vikking_1 says:

    This sight is great, Im glad I stumbled across it.

  5. Mackleby says:

    This is a gold mine! Kudos!!! I hope to buy a membership soon.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks Bronco_6,
    I have tried to keep the generators quick and simple to use. Giving information that is useful to DM’s in a short(ish) format to save time looking up the info from the books, for most of the feats, abilities and spells at least.
    I’ll see what I can do about adding mid level aristocrats. Let me know if you find any problems.


  7. Bronco_6 says:

    Just discovered your site. Am a GM for 35 years off and on. Really like the toneof the generators (if that makes any sense. Good solid information with not a lot of graphics to slow things down, even though I have a high-speed Computer. Will use it for a while and if I like it, I’ll get a membership. Love the NPC’s and more mid-level Nobles and aristocrats would be useful for governments.

  8. admin says:

    Thanks Kenderbard, I’ve been too busy last fee days to add more NPC’s but should have more time next week to add a few more.

  9. Kenderbard says:

    Your site is very nice, and I especially enjoy browsing the NPCs listed here. Great inspiration!

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